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Los Angeles: Student Publications

Student Publications were produced under the direction of the ASUCLA Communications Board, a body whose composition and title varied over the years. Starting July 1, 1964, the board consisted of 12 members: six undergraduates, including the editor of the Daily Bruin, the president of the Undergraduate Association, and four others appointed by the association; three members appointed by the Graduate Student Association; one faculty member; one representative of the administration; and the manager of publications of the Associated Students, serving ex officio. The communications board selected editors for the four publications, managed their financial resources, and directed publishing policies.

Daily Bruin
The newspaper was published Monday through Friday during the school year in tabloid editions of eight to 24 pages. In the fall of 1919, students published the Cub Californian once a week. Three years later, the paper was issued semi-weekly. In March, 1924, the Cub was renamed the California Grizzly, as the school mascot grew from cub to grizzly. The paper became a daily in 1925, and in October of the following year assumed the name of Daily Bruin.

Southern Campus
Volume one of the University yearbook was issued in 1920, covering the campus' first academic year, 1919-20. Its predecessor, the Exponent, was the yearbook for the Los Angeles State Normal School. Since 1920, Southern Campus was been published annually without interruption. In its first 41 years of publication, the yearbook won all-American recognition in national competition 30 times.

The literary magazine was established in the spring of 1957 by interested members of Chi Delta Phi, national English honorary society. As a joint venture of Chi Delta Phi and the Associated Students, Westwind was issued semiannually. In 1963, the Associated Students assumed sole responsibility for its publication, issuing it three to four times each year. Contributions came primarily from students, although faculty members may also write for Westwind. The publication contained short stories, poems, articles, and essays. Some were illustrated.

Publication Editors

Normal Outlook

Elizabeth Lee Polk September 1917-March 1918

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Cub Californian

Irving C. Cramer 1922-1923
Irving C. Cramer 1923-March 1924

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California Grizzly

Irving C. Cramer March 1924-June 1924
John F. Cohee Sept. 1924-1925
John F. Cohee 1925-1926

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California Daily Bruin

William E. Forbes 1926-1927
James F Wickizer 1927-1928
H. Monte Harrington 1928-1929
Walter Bogart 1929-1930
Charles Olton 1930-1931
A. Maxwell Clark 1931-1932
George Elmendorg 1932-1933
Robert Shellaby 1933-1934
F. Chandler Harris 1934-1935
Gilbert Harrison 1935-1936
Stanley Rubin 1936-1937
Roy Swanfeldt--fall 1937-1938
Norman Borisoff--spring
William T. Brown--fall 1938-1939
Everett Carter--spring
Sanford J. Mock--fall 1939-1940
Richard K Pryne--spring
Bruce Cassidy--fall 1940-1941
Jack Hauptli--spring
Malcom Steinlauf--fall 1941-1942
Robert M. Barsky--spring
Tom Smith--summer 1942-1943
Robert Weill--fall
Josephine Rosenfeld--spring
Adele Truitt--fall 1943-1944
Charlotte Klein--fall
Floria Farquar--spring
Pat Campbell--summer 1944-194
Helene Licht--fall
Doris Willens--spring
Hannah Bloom--summer 1945-1946
Bill Stout--fall
Anne Stern--spring
Ann Herbert--fall 1946-1947
Frank Mankiewicz--spring
Paul Simqu--fall 1947-1948

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UCLA Daily Bruin

Elmer L. Chalberg--spring 1948
Charles G. Francis--fall 1948-1949
Grover Heyler--spring
James D. Garst--fall 1949-1950
Harold E. Watkins--spring
M. Eugene Frumkin--fall 1950-1951
Martin A. Brower--spring
Robert Myers--fall 1951-1952
Peter H.F. Graber--spring
Richard Schenk--fall 1952-1953
Jack Weber--spring
Albert Greenstein--fall 1953-1954
M.E. Vogel--spring
Martin D. McReynolds--fall 1954-1955
Irving E. Drasnin--spring
Martin A. Sklar--fall 1955-1956
Clyde E. Rearodl--spring
Joseph E. Colmenares 1956-1957
Edward B. Robinson 1957-1958
Thomas A. Welch 1958-1959
Martin A. Kasindorf 1959-1960
Morton L. Saltzman--fall 1960-1961
Charles M. Rossi--spring
Shirley Mae Folmer 1961-1962
Alan R. Rothstein 1962-1963
Lester G. Ostrov 1963-1964
Philip A. Yaffe 1964-1965
Joel E. Boxer 1965-1966


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