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Los Angeles: Student Government

The original proposal for a general agency of student government was made by Ernest C. Moore, director of the campus, soon after UCLA's establishment. In 1919, a student committee of 12 was appointed to inaugurate a system of self-government.

The committee decided that an executive council of 13 would be elected at large, the elected members then deciding among themselves who should hold the offices. This was criticized at assemblies where the constitution was being discussed and adopted and was revised in favor of direct election not only to the council, but major offices as well. An election was held, officers were installed, a constitution was adopted, and the life of the Associated Students ASUCLA began on December 5, 1919.

Through the 1960s, there was continuing concern with costs and financial controls, but the subject of the honor system was before the council more times than any other single matter since 1919. As early as 1921, there was a suggestion that the rapid growth of the University and the effect of World War I made such a system inappropriate. The system prevailed, though it was under review again in 1965.

The constitution has been revised many times since 1919, but the general character of the ASUCLA remained unchanged until spring of 1965. At that time students voted to abolish the class form of government in favor of a commissioner-type government in order to conform to the quarter system which would go into effect in the fall of 1966.

Under the new system the student government had a president, two vice-presidents, three representatives at large, and six commissioners to head commissions, each responsible for a particular phase of campus activities and of student government and its operation. All had a vote in the council, in addition to the votes of the National Student Association representative and representatives from the alumni, faculty and administration. The ASUCLA executive director was an ex-officio member without a vote.

Management of the fiscal affairs of the association remained of dominant interest. Student committees controlled or directly influenced the boards which handled the $3 million per year operation of the Associated Students. Educational policy and student housing were also of vital interest to a student government concerned with the welfare of the student in the broadest sense.

Student Body Presidents to 1966

John McManus 1920
Jerold Weil 1921
Rex Miller 1922
Delbert Sarber 1923
Les Cummins 1924
Fred Jordan 1925
Fred Houser 1926
Ned Marr 1927
Tom Cunningham 1928
Ken Piper 1929
Bob Keith 1930
Earle Swingle 1931
Dean McHenry 1932
Philip Kellog 1933
Porter Henricks 1934
Don Burnside 1935
Tom Lambert 1936
Bob Schroeder 1937
Don Ferguson 1938
Don Brown 1939
Fred Koebig 1940
Jim Devere 1941
Bob Alshuler 1942
Bill Farber 1943
Harry Preferson Summer 1943-Fall 1994
Don Hitchcock Spring 1944-Summer 1944
Bob Jaffie Fall 1994-Spring 1945
Eugene Lee Spring 1945
Yosal Rogat 1946
Ken Kiefer 1947
Ken Gallegher 1948
Bill Keene 1949
Sherrill Luke 1950
Fred Thornley 1951
Jim Davis 1952
Marty Rosen 1953
Lew Leeburg 1954
Skip Byrne 1955
Irv Drasnin 1956
Willard Johnson 1957
Dave Gorton 1958
Rafer Johnson 1959
Pete Gamer 1960
Joel Wachs 1961
Jim Stiven 1962
Gerry Corrigan 1963
Dick Weisblat 1964
Jeff Donfield 1965
Bob Glaser 1966


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