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Los Angeles: Sources

At this time, the content of the campus history pages derives mainly from Verne Stadtman's Centennial Record (CR), published in 1968. The histories are therefore out of date, but the collected information in the Centennial Record nevertheless provides a good starting point for these pages. In some cases the historical accounts have been updated or draw on additional source material (which may not be identified in the case of minor updates). The UCHDA hopes to coordinate a comprehensive update of the campus history pages in a future phase of the project.

About UCLA  Academic Units  Student Life  Libraries and the Arts 

About UCLA

- Historical Overview: Andrew Hamilton (CR)

- Administrative Officers

  • Chief Campus Officers (Overview)
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Ernest Carroll Moore
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Earle Raymond Hedrick
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Clarence Addison Dykstra
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Raymond Bernard Allen
    Edward H. Franklin (CR); "Raymond B. Allen," UCLA Gateway: UCLA's Past Leaders, <> (8 August 2002).
  • Vern Oliver Knudsen
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Franklin David Murphy
    Edward H. Franklin (CR); "Franklin David Murphy," UCLA's Past Leaders, <> (8 August 2002).
  • Charles E. Young
    "Charles E. Young (1969 - 1997)," UCLA's Past Leaders, <> (9 August 2002).
  • Albert Carnesale
    "Dr. Albert Carnesale, Biography," Inauguration of Chancellor Carnesale, <> (8 August 2002); "Albert Carnesale, Chancellor of UCLA: Biography," Meet Chancellor Carnesale, <> (8 August 2002).

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Academic Units

- Colleges and Schools

  • College of Agriculture
    Vernon T. Stoutemyer (CR)
  • School of Architecture and Urban Planning
    George A. Dudley (CR)
  • Schools of Business Administration
    George W. Robbins (CR)
  • School of Dentistry
    Reidar F. Sognnaes (CR)
  • School of Education
    Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. (CR)
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
    L. M. K. Boelter (CR)
  • College of Fine Arts
    William W. Melnitz (CR)
  • School of Law
    Richard C. Maxwell (CR)
  • College of Letters and Science
    Franklin P. Rolfe (CR)
  • School of Library Service
    Andrew H. Horn (CR)
  • School of Medicine
    Al Hicks (CR)
  • School of Nursing
    Lulu Wolf Hassenplug (CR)
  • School of Public Health
    L. S. Goerke, M.D. (CR)
  • School of Social Welfare
    Eileen Blackey (CR)

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- Academic Departments


  • Aerospace Studies
    Albert M. Elton (CR)
  • African Studies Center
    "Mission of the UCLA African Studies Center," African Studies at UCLA, <> (9 August 2002).
  • Center for African American Studies
    "From the Director," Center for African American Studies, <> (9 August 2002); "History and Mission," Center for African American Studies, <> (9August 2002).
  • American Indian Studies Center
    "About Us," American Indian Studies Center, <> (9 August 2002).
  • Anatomy
    Charles H. Sawyer (CR)
  • Anthropology
    Ralph L. Beals (CR)
  • Art
    Annita Delano (CR)
  • Astronomy
    D. M. Popper (CR)
  • Atmospheric Sciences
    "Information: About the Department," UCLA Department of Atmospheric Sciences, <> (9 August 2002); Zdenek Sekera (CR)
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  • Bacteriology
    Meridian R. Ball, A. J. Salle (CR)
  • Biological Chemistry
    Sidney Roberts (CR)
  • Botany and Plant Biochemistry
    Flora Murray Scott (CR)
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  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
    K. N. Trueblood (CR)
  • Classics
    Barbara E. Smith (CR)
  • Comparative Literature
  • Cybernetics
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  • Dance
    Alma M. Hawkins
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  • Economics
    Dudley F. Pegrum (CR)
  • English
    Hugh G. Dick (CR)
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  • French
    Oreste F. Pucciani (CR)
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  • Geography
    J. E. Spencer (CR)
  • Geology
    Joseph Murdoch (CR)
  • Germanic Languages
    Carl W. Hagge (CR)
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  • History
    Frank J. Klingberg (CR)
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  • Italian
    Charles Speroni (CR)
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  • Journalism
    William Bruns (CR)
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  • Linguistics
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  • Mathematics
    Paul Daus, Frederick Valentine, Lowell Paige (CR)
  • Medical Microbiology and Immunology
    A. F. Rasmussen, Jr. (CR)
  • Medicine
    William N. Valentine, M.D. (CR)
  • Military Science
    R. C. Ashby, Jr. (CR)
  • Music
    William R. Hutchinson (CR)
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  • Naval Science
    Frederick N. Mangol (CR)
  • Near Eastern and African Languages
    Wolf Leslau (CR)
  • Nursing
    Lulu Wolf Hassenplug (CR)
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  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Daniel G. Morton, M.D. (CR)
  • Oriental Languages
    Richard C. Rudolph (CR)
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  • Pathology
    S. C. Madden, M.D. (CR)
  • Pediatrics
    John M. Adams, M.D. (CR)
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology and Experimental Therapeutics
    Dermot B. Taylor, M.D. (CR)
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
    Ben W. Miller (CR)
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Ralph E. Worden, M.D. (CR)
  • Physics & Astronomy
    D. S. Saxon (CR)
  • Physiological Science
    Victor E. Hall, M.D. (CR)
  • Plant Pathology
    James B. Kendrick, Jr. (CR)
  • Political Science
    J. A. C. Grant (CR)
  • Preventive Medicine and Public Health
    L. S. Goerke (CR)
  • Psychiatry
    Michael S. Diener (CR)
  • Psychology
    F. Nowell Jones (CR)
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  • Radiological Sciences
    Andrew H. Dowdy, M.D. (CR)
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  • Slavic Languages
    Kenneth E. Harper (CR)
  • Sociology
    Melville Dalton (CR)
  • Spanish and Portuguese
    Shirley L. Arora (CR)
  • Speech
    Charles W. Lomas (CR)
  • Surgery
    William P. Longmire, Jr., M.D. (CR)
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  • Theater Arts
    Ralph Freud (CR)
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  • Zoology
    Gordon H. Ball (CR)

- Graduate Division: Virginia Richard, H. W. Magoun (CR)

- Institutes and Research Centers: (CR)

- Summer Sessions: Channing L. Grigsby (CR)

Student Life

- Student Housing: Harriet S. Nathan (CR)

- Student Government: Andrew Hamilton (CR)

- Student Publications: Harriet S. Nathan (CR)

- Student Services: Mary Anne Stewart (CR)

- Traditions: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

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Libraries and the Arts

- Cultural Programs

  • Programs and Activities:
    Edmund G. Harris (CR)
  • Musical Organizations:
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Libraries: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

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