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Los Angeles: Institutes and Research Centers


Year Est.

Academic and Research Excellence, Center for  
Adaptive Systems Laboratory  
Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center  
African-American Studies, Center for 1969
African Studies Center 1959
AIDS Institute 1992
Alzheimer's Disease Center 1998
American Indian Studies  
American Politics and Public Policy, Center for  
Archaeological Survey 1958
Archaeology, Insitute of 1973
Asad Abidi Research Group  
Asian American Mental Health, National Research Center on  
Asian American Studies Center  
Astrobiology, Center for 1998
Atherosclerosis Research Unit  
Basic Plasma Physics Research Laboratory  
Boiling Heat Transfer Lab  
Brain Mapping Division, UCLA  
Brain Research Institute 1961
Business Administration Research Division (Research, Division of) 1956
Business and Economic Research, Bureau of 1949
Cancer Research Institute 1957
Cardiovascular Research Laboratory, Los Angeles County Heart Association 1957
Chicano Studies Research Center 1969
Chinese Studies, Center for 1986
Clean Technology, Center for  
Clinical AIDS Research and Education, Center for 1981
Clinical Nutrition Research Unit  
Clinical Research Program for the Partial Epilepsies  
Cognitive Science  
Combustion Research Laboratory  
Communication Policy, Center for 1993
Comparative Folklore and Mythology Studies, Center for the Study of 1961
Comprehensive Cancer Center, Jonsson 1976
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory  
Computer Aided Design Laboratory  
Computing Facility (Computer Centers) 1961
Computing Facility, Health Sciences (Computer Centers) 1961
CosmoChemsitry Research Group  
Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging 1989
CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center 1974
Data Mining Laboratory, UCLA  
Dental Research Institute  
Digital Arts, Center for  
Digital Humanities, Center for 2000
Digital Innovation, Center for  
Drug Abuse Etiologies and Consequences, Center for the Study of  
Drug Abuse Research Center 1972
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Center  
Earth and Space Sciences - Geodynamics Research Group  
Earth Systems Research, Center for  
East Asian Studies, Center for 1975
Electronic Thin Film Lab  
Empirical Research Group  
Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education, Center for  
Environment, Insitute of the  
Environmental Engineering Analytical Chemistry Laboratory  
Environmental Risk Reduction, Center for  
Ethnomusicology, Institute of 1960
European and Russian Studies, Center for 1957
Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing, Center for Research on  
Evolution and the Origin of Life, Center for the Study of 1985
Excellence in Women's Health, UCLA National Center of  
Exceptional Child Research 1963
Film and Television Archive  
Flight Systems Research Center  
Fusion Research Group  
Gene Therapy for Cancer  
Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Institute of 1946
Government and Public Affairs, Institute of 1962
HARRT - Human Resources Roundtable  
Health Policy Research, Center for  
Health Services Management, Center for 1996
Healthier Children, Families, and Communities, Center for  
High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory  
Higher Education Research Institute 1973
History in the Schools, National Center for  
HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services, Center for  
Hydroclimatology in the Pacific Rim, Center for the Study of  
Industrial Relations, Institute of 1945
Integrated Photonics Laboratory  
Interactive Multimedia Exercises  
Interdisciplinary Research in Immunology and Disease, Center for  
International Business Education and Research, Center for 1989
International Relations, Center for 1975
Internet Research Lab, UCLA  
Japanese Studies, Center for 1991
Jewish Studies, Center for 1994
Labor Research and Education, Center for  
Korean Studies, , Center for 1985
Labor Occupational Safety and Health  
Labor Research and Education, Center for 1964
Language and Linguistics, Center for Research in 1962
Large Plasma Device Laboratory  
Latin American Center 1959
Law-Science Research Center 1963
Library Research Institute (University-wide) 1965
Managed Care for Psychiatric Disorders, Research Center on  
Marine Science Center 1989
Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Center for 1963
Memory and Aging Research Center  
Mental Health in Schools, Center for  
Mental Retardation Research Center  
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems  
Micromanufacturing Laborator  
MicroSystems Laboratories  
Mind-Body Collaborative Research Center, UCLA  
Modern and Contemporary Studies, Center for  
Molecular Biology Institute 1963
Multipurpose Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases Center  
Nanoelectronics Research Facility  
Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Thermoelectricity Laboratory  
Near Eastern Center 1957
Neuroenteric Disease Program, UCLA  
Neuro Imaging, Laboratory of  
Neuromuscular Plasticity - Recovery After Spinalization  
North American Integration and Development Center  
Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology, Laboratory of 1947
Occupational and Environmental Health, Center for 1978
Ocean Discovery Center  
Older American Independence Center  
Optoelectronic Circuits and Systems Laboratory  
Optoelectronics Group - EE Dept.  
Oral History Program (Oral History) 1959
Parkinson's Disease, Center for the Study of  
Particle Beam Physics Laboratory  
Planetary Chemistry and Physics, Center for 1993
Plasma and Fusion Research, Insitute of  
Plasma Physics Laboratory  
Pollution Prevention Education and Research Center  
Polymer and Separations Research Laboratory  
Public Health and Disaster Relief, Center for 1997
Pure and Applied Mathematics, Insitute for  
Real Estate Research Program (Real Estate Research and Education) 1956
Regional Policy Studies, Lewis Center for 1988
Religion, Center for the Study of 1995
Russian and East European Studies Center 1958
Scientific Visualization Lab  
Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies, Center for  
Social Science Research, Insitute for  
Southeast Asian Studies, Center for  
Southern California Earthquake Center  
Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center  
Southern California Particle Center and Supersite 1999
Space Sciences Center (Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Institute of) 1962
Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory 1992
Statistical/Biomath Consulting Clinic  
Statistical Consulting Center  
Stein (Jules) Eye Institute 1961
Stunt Ranch Reserve, UCLA  
Structural Biology and Molecular Medicine, Laboratory of 1997
Tokamak Laboratory: Fusion Plasma Research  
Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research Laborartory, Ronald S. Hirshberg 1997
Transportation Studies, Insitute of  
Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Institute of 1947
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Psychosis, Center for Research on 1977
Water Resources Center 1956
Western Data Processing Center (Computer Centers) 1956
Western Management Sciences Institute 1960
Women, Center for the Study of 1984
Vision Lab, UCLA  
Visualization Lab  
Zoology Fisheries Research 1948


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