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Berkeley: Student Publications


First Publications
The first student publication, the College Echo, was published by the Durant Rhetorical Society at the College of California in Oakland. The first of more than 60 publications which appeared on the Berkeley campus of the University began in March, 1871, when the Durant Rhetorical Society sponsored a continuation of its first paper in the University Echo. The Neolaean Literary Society published, in March, 1873, the Neolaean Review as an "exponent" of the society and not as competition for the Echo. The two publications merged in January, 1874, as the Berkeleyan, which gave way in 1897 to the Californian and became, on October 25, 1897, the Daily Californian.

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The Daily Californian and the Blue and Gold
The Daily Californian was in continuous operation after that time and, by the mid-1960s, was the sponsored newspaper of the Associated Students. The ASUC supervised the paper's activities through a consultative board, whose membership was made up of seven students, a professional journalist, two faculty members, and an administrative representative. The board had the authority to recommend staff appointments, promotions, and suspensions, and changes in the paper's by-laws to the Executive Committee of the ASUC. The board also evaluated the paper's operations and performance. The offices of the newspaper were located in Eshleman Hall, the new student office building. The paper had a staff of over 80 who were entirely responsible for its publication. In 1971, after a conflict over a controversial article, the Daily Californian became financially independent from the University and the ASUC by raising advertising revenue.

One of the oldest publications is the Blue and Gold, which began in 1875 as a record of the college year published by the Associated Students. In 1965, Blue and Gold circulation averaged 5,000 copies.

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Literary Journals
Initially in competition with the early newspapers was Occident, established as a semi-monthly in 1881. Although the history of Occident was sporadic--it was published continuously in one series until 1933 and in a second series from 1934 to 1937, when publication was suspended until the third series began in 1945--it was the oldest college literary magazine on the west coast. By the mid-1960s, it was published once a semester, in December and June, to provide an outlet for the highest quality serious writing on the Berkeley campus. Its circulation averaged 1,500 copies per issue.

From September, 1876 to June, 1878, the Besom, a student paper, was established in order to provide competition for the Berkeleyan. In February, 1878, because of a mistaken understanding that the Berkeleyan was to become a literary magazine, the Oestrus began publication and lasted until October, 1879.

Several years later, in 1895, a literary magazine, the University of California Magazine, was begun to provide "a common medium of intellectual contact for alumni, faculty, and students alike." The magazine merged with Occident in 1904.

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Humor Magazines
Humor magazines on the Berkeley campus began in October, 1891, with the appearance of Smiles, a bi-weekly publication whose cardinal function, according to the editor, was "not to teach or preach, but to amuse." Smiles discontinued publication after three issues on December 18, 1891. A second humor magazine, Josh, began in September, 1895. It was published in San Francisco and designed for university audiences at both the University of California and Stanford University, with an editor from each school. After editorially complaining about a lack of interest in the magazine at both schools, Josh published a final issue in February, 1897.

On April 16, 1903, Earle C. Anthony, with a staff of ten, published the California Pelican. The Pelican, by the mid-1960s, was issued every month of the academic year after that first appearance and was the sponsored humor magazine of the Associated Students. Circulation in 1965 averaged 7,000 copies, giving the magazine the second largest circulation, behind the Daily Californian, on the campus. The magazine was edited in its own quarters in the Pelican Building, which was donated by Anthony and completed in 1957.

Dill Pickle, a lampoon-type occasional newspaper, was first published in March, 1916 by the members of the Istyc Club, made up of women students interested in journalism, and later by Theta Sigma Phi, a women's journalistic honor society. Suspended by University authorities in April of 1928, Dill Pickle was reinstated in July, 1929 and appeared until April, 1935. The Raspberry Press was a similar men's newspaper, first published in February, 1915 with the motto: "Uncensored and Untrammeled!'' It too was suspended by the University from 1928 to 1929. In April, 1931, it became the Razzberry Press and continued under that name until March, 1934, when it was permanently suspended. The New Razzberry Press appeared from 1935 to March, 1939.

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Other Student Publications
The California Journal of Technology first appeared in February, 1903 as a medium of communication for students in engineering. It was the first college magazine in the west to specialize in the area of science and technology. The magazine was discontinued in February, 1914, but was revived by the Student Engineers Council as the California Engineer in January, 1923. By the mid-1960s, the magazine was sponsored by the Associated Students and maintained a circulation of about 1,500 copies per month.

Another specialized publication was the Berkeley Lyceum, published half in English, half in Japanese, by the Japanese Students Association from 1907 to 1917. From 1912 to 1914, the Architectural Association of the new Department of Architecture published a yearbook of student work.

In November, 1912, the California Law Review began publication to "record the history and development" of western law. Appointment to the editorship, usually held by a third-year law student, was considered an honor. The Law Review was published five times a year.

A publication called Brass Tacks appeared three different times. It first appeared from January, 1913 to May, 1916; then again from November, 1921 to February, 1922; and a third time from March 22, 1934 to March 13, 1935.

Students in the College of Agriculture began publication of the Journal of Agriculture in May, 1913. Because of the war, publication was discontinued from October, 1917 to January, 1920. In November, 1921, the Journal became the California Countryman and lasted until May, 1930.

Students in the School of Forestry published three different publications. The first was called California Forestry and appeared in 1917. The Forestry Club published Axe Chips every three weeks from January, 1933 to April 29, 1943. Another publication, Timber, a magazine rather than a newspaper, appeared from 1957 to 1963.

The College of Commerce sponsored Commercia which lasted from February, 1921 to May, 1927. The Associated Students published a short-lived Literary Review Quarterly for one year from May, 1926 to May, 1927. The ASUC also sponsored the California Pictorial, the first college rotogravure magazine, which lasted from September, 1921 to April, 1924.

The students in the Division of Entomology and Parasitology founded Vedalia, in April, 1930, which was still active in the mid-1960s. Members of Naval ROTC sporadically published from 1936 to 1956 the Capstan and a weekly paper, the Naval Unit Weekly, from September, 1936 to April, 1941. Grizzly, a general magazine sponsored by the Associated Students, lasted from March, 1938 to October, 1940.

In 1955, graduate students in the Department of Sociology began the Berkeley Journal of Sociology as a publication medium for graduate student research. This journal was still active as of the mid-1960s.

The Graduate Student Journal began in 1962 and was published once a semester.

In addition to the specific publications mentioned, there were numerous, more ephemeral magazines and newspapers, including summer editions of the Daily Californian, some of which were published by private parties or various organizations connected in some way with the University campus.

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Publication Editors

The University Echo

F. H. Whitworth March-August 1871
J. M. Whitworth August 1871-May 1872
Arthur Rodgers May-October 1872
George C. Edwards Oct. 1872-April 1873
George C. Edwards April-May 1873
Thomas Woodward May-November 1873
J. R. Farrell November-December 1873
J. R. Farrell December 1873-March 1874

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The Neolaean Review

L. Hoyt Smith March-October 1873
G. M. Pinney, Jr.
L. Hoyt Smith October-December 1873
G. M. Pinney, Jr.

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The Berkeleyan

J. R. Farrell January-September 1874
J. C. Rowell
J. F. Alexander 1874-75
N. A. Morford
R. B. Wallace 1875-76
E. W. Cowles 1876-77
Ed Booth
T. O. Toland 1877-78
J. H. Wheeler 1878-79
William H. Chapman
M. S. Eisner 1879-90
A. D. Tenney
S. M. Franklin 1880-81
Charles Shainwald
Max Loewenthal
John J. Dwyer 1881-82
S. E. Moffett
F. J. Walton 1882-83
F. L. Burk
Frank J. Walton
J. L. Chase 1883-84
E. A. Avery 1884-85
W. F. Cheney
Walter J. Bartnett
A. H. Ashley 1885-86
George D. Boyd
George M. Stratton 1886-87
A. C. Miller
James Sutton 1887-88
G. R. Lukens
W. T. Craig 1888-89
W. L. Jepson
Jesse P. Sayre 1892-93
Joseph C. Myerstein 1893-94
E. M. Wilder
Will H. Gorrill 1894-95
Arthur W. North
Harry H. Hirst 1895-96
George H. Whipple 1896-97
Charles A. Elston


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Daily Californian

Allen L. Chickering 1897-98
Wiggington Creed
Charles E. Thomas 1898-99
Harold S. Symmes
Harrison S. Robinson 1899-1900
Nathan M. Moran
Edward A. Dickson 1900-01
Frederick M. Allen
George C. Mansfield 1901-02
A. F. Lemberger
J. A. Moriarty 1902-03
W. L. Finley
Richard O'Conner 1903-04
J. Gustav White
W. T. Hale 1904-05
J. P. Loeb
Sam Hellman 1905-06
L. D. Bohnett
A. C. B. Fletcher 1906-07
J. D. Van Becker
Lewis A. McArthur 1907-08
C. K. Hardenbrook
George L. Bell 1908-09
William J. Hayes
V. R. Churchill 1909-10
C. E. Hall
D. J. Cates 1910-11
A. C. Prendergast
E. M. Einstein 1911-12
M. A. Cartwright
John L. Simpson 1912-13
R. Ray Randall
R. M. Eaton 1913-14
J. H. Quire
H. L. Dunn 1914-15
Harvey Roney
Philip Conley 1915-16
Osgood Murdock
Robert Blake 1916-17
Harry Seymour
A. L. Mitchell 1917-18
J. C. Raphael 1918-19
George C. Tenney 1919-20
Norman S. Gallison
L. G. Blochman 1920-21
W. A. White
F. W. Bertlett 1921-22
C. C. Wakefield
R. B. Coons 1922-23
J. G. Baldwin
Albert S. Furth 1923-24
Joseph Dietrich
Bill Spencer 1924-25
Jerry Faulkner
Frederick Wahl 1925-26
A. Kenneth Priestley
John Moore 1926-27
Donaldson Thorburn
Fred Foy 1927-28
Vernon C. Smith
Marion Plant 1928-29
Frederick Brockhagen
Dan Norton 1929-30
William Hudson
Arthur Artlett--fall 1930-31
Frederick Hotz--spring
Jack S. Mason--fall 1931-32
M. Alfred Schaeffer--spring
Frank Buck, Jr.--fall 1932-33
C. Franklin Howell--spring
Bruce C. Yates--fall 1933-34
A. James McCollum--spring
Walter Christie, Jr.--fall 1934-35
Edwin Emery--spring
Henry Schacht--fall 1935-36
Lawrence Resnor--spring
Charles T. Post--fall 1936-37
James M. Doyle--spring
William Murrish--fall 1937-38
John Burd--spring
Norman Canright--fall 1938-39
James Pool--spring
William Brownell--fall 1939-40
Charles Bell--spring
Edmund Tackle--fall 1940-41
Sarita Henderson Smedberg--spring
Don Fabun--summer & fall 1941-42
Gordon Furth--spring
Howard Cook--summer & fall 1942-43
Eugene Danaher--fall
Warren Unna--spring
Mary Ogg Barnett--summer 1943-44
Alan Furth-summer
Virginia Bottoroff-Barrios--fall
Jean Elliott Nicol--spring
Betty Sullivan Martin--summer 1944-45
Betty Wentworth Trotter--fall
Jura Hoffman Mead--spring
Patricia McGregor--summer 1945-46
Irene Bradfield--fall-spring
Jack Howard--summer 1946-47
Ila Sullivan Palmquist--summer
Katie Thanas --fall-spring
Phyllis Seidkin--fall-spring
Jack Howard--fall 1947-48
Vic Bogart--spring
Guy Carruthers--summer & fall 1948-49
Charles Goodman--spring
Gene Kramer--fall 1949-50
Dick Hafner--spring
Frank Finney--fall 1950-51
Louis Bell--spring
Alva Senzek Fagrell--fall 1951-52
Mike Fallon--spring
Al Manzano--fall 1952-53
Dave Dugas--spring
Georgia Wilcox McDaniel--fall 1953-54
Doug Dempster--spring
Jan Stevens--fall 1954-55
Liz Waldie Owen--spring
Alex Bouldin Mandelson--fall 1955-56
Les Carpenter--spring
Bob Falk--fall 1956-57
Jim Lemert--spring
Jay Bardwell--fall-spring 1957-58
Jim Yenckel--fall 1958-59
Gene Turner--spring
Marge Madonne--fall 1959-60
Anne Ruggeri Bardwell Solem--spring
Jane Semple Wood--summer 1960-61
Daniel B. Silver--fall1
Terry Timmins--fall-spring
Franklyn Jeans--fall 1961-62
Bill Wong--spring
Elliot Steinberg--fall 1962-63
Sandie North Eppinger--spring
Mary McGowen Soderstrom--fall 1963-64
Pat Mar--spring
Susan Johnson Wallace--fall 1964-65
Justin Roberts--spring
Peggy Krause McCormick--fall 1965-66
Jim Branson--spring
John Oppedahl--fall 1966-67
Barry Bishin--spring
Karlyn Barker--fall 1967-68
Mark Kersten--spring
Konstantin Berlandt--fall 1968-69
Thomas C. Collins--spring
Stephen Duscha--fall 1969-70
Joe Pichirallo--spring
Bruce Koon--fall 1970-71
John Emshwiller--spring
Toni Martin--fall 1971-72
David Corvo--spring
Christine Weicher--fall-spring 1972-73
Jim Hoffman--fall-spring 1973-74
Steve Mott--fall-spring 1974-75
Rory Marshall--spring
Rory Marshall--summer 1975-76
Jeffrey Rabin--fall-spring 1976-77
Jim Kelly-fall-spring 1977-78
Peter Kerr--spring
Grant Mercer--summer-fall 1978-79
Ed Gargan--spring
Bylaws changed: beginning one year terms June-June
Tom Abate 1979-80
Ken Weiss 1980-81
Margaret Talbot 1981-82
Dan Woo 1982-83
Anita Seline 1983-84
Jose Novoa--Jun-Jan 1984-85
David Pickell--Jan-Aug
Craig Anderson 1985-86
Howard Levine 1986-87
Bylaws changed: one editor-in-chief for full academic year, another for summer
Michael Wharton--summer 1987
Elizabeth A. Moore--fall 1987-88
Jim Herron Zamora--spring
Carolyn Jones--summer
Jim Herron Zamora--fall-spring
Stewart Huntington--summer
Carolyn Jones--fall-spring 1989-90
Patricia Jacobus--summer
Cedric Puleston--fall-spring 1990-91
Michael Wolgelenter--summer
Steve Markowitz--fall-spring 1991-92
Rick Schultz--summer
Virginia Matzek--fall 1992-93
Alphonso Van Marsh--spring
Katrina Lee--summer
Nick Perlmuter--fall-spring 1993-94
Katrina Lee--summer
Julie Aguilar Rogada
Bita Rahebi
Mike Coleman
Ryan Tate
Vinnee Tong
Dan Jung
Daniel Hernandez--fall-spring 2000-01
Anne Benjaminson--summer
Janny Hu
Rong-Gong Lin
Eric Schewe 2003-04
Nate Tabak
Kim-Mai Cutler 2004-05

1 Daniel B. Silver's editorship was terminated by UC. Terry Timmins was appointed in his stead.

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Editors of the Blue and Gold

Harry Dam 1873-74
C. B. Overacker 1874-75
Peter T. Riley 1875-76
Alex Morrison 1876-77
H. W. O'Melveny 1877-78
H. C. Perry 1878-79
Edited by Zeta Psi Fraternity 1879-80
J. B. Lincoln 1880-81
Earle A. Walcott 1881-82
Charles S. Wheeler 1882-83
W. F. Cheney 1883-84
Kimball G. Easton 1884-85
W. C. Gregory 1885-86
Henry E. Monroe 1886-87
H. A. Melvin 1887-88
G. H. Stokes 1888-89
C. W. Merrill 1889-90
Charles L. Turner 1890-91
J. D. Burke 1891-92
F. M. Todd 1892-93
Albert Houston 1893-94
Raymond J. Russ 1894-95
Owen S. Case 1895-96
Gilbert J. Rector 1896-97
Charles E. Fryer 1897-98
Stuart G. Masters 1899-1900
John J. Earle 1900-1901
Earle C. Anthony 1901-02
Arthur L. Price 1902-03
Eugene R. Hallett 1903-04
Jackson Gregory 1904-05
J. R. Gabbert 1905-06
Maurice Harrison 1906-07
Clayton Shipway 1907-08
Alan C. VanFleet 1908-09
L. A. Langstroth 1909-10
Robert H. Clark 1910-11
Clare M. Torrey 1911-12
Francis H. Partridge 1912-13
Donovan O. Peters 1913-14
Lloyd N. Hamilton 1914-15
Leroy F. Krusi 1915-16
John L. Reith 1916-17
Charles Detoy 1917-18
Hale N. Luff 1918-19
John W. Cline, Jr. 1919-20
Frank W. Tenney 1920-21
Fenton D. Williamson 1921-22
Russell C. Lockhart 1922-23
James Rolph, III 1923-24
Paul V. Roach 1924-25
Joesph G. Murphy 1925-26
Wilburn R. Smith 1926-27
Harmon C. Bell 1927-28
Fred C. Fischer 1928-29
Nathan D. Rowley 1929-30
Everett J. Brown, Jr. 1930-31
Thomas Townsend, Jr. 1931-32
Irving Wiesenfeld 1932-33
Hugh D. McKenzie 1933-34
Edward Quarg 1934-35
George Dimmier 1935-36
Paul D. Ehret 1936-37
Robert Lynch 1937-38
Brilsford P. Flint 1938-39
Joseph H. Wadsworth, Jr. 1939-40
Wilbert Fountain 1940-41
Ralph Countryman 1941-42
Ginny Robinson 1942-43
June Porter--summer-fall 1943-44
Carolyn Hardy--spring
Carolyn Hardy--summer 1944-45
Mary Jane Boles
Joan Porter 1945-46
Janice Rivers 1946-47
Jean Hepfer 1947-48
Dale Millar 1948-49
Don Haworth 1949-50
Lois Bossin 1950-51
Mardy Robinson 1951-52
Elouise Phelps 1952-53
Gayle Rivers 1953-54
Nancy Bracken 1954-55
Carlos Cortes 1955-56
Barbara Thode 1956-57
Jo Woolley 1957-58
Evelyn Hollingshead 1958-59
Diane Schwab 1959-60
Dot Sherwood 1960-61
Elaine Henning 1961-62
Don Frank 1962-63
Roberta Cotton 1963-64
Katie Wuertele 1964-65
Irene Boschken 1965-66

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Editors of the Pelican

Earle C. Anthony--fall 1903-04
Carleton Parker--spring
Eugene Hallett--fall 1904-05
Augustin C. Keane--spring
Vance McClymonds 1905-06
Gurden Edwards 1906-07
Carl Whitmore 1907-08
Edward J. Symmes 1908-09
Rollo E. Fay--fall 1909-10
Wesley Kergan--fall
George Adams--spring
George Adams 1910-11
M. L. Dinkelspiel 1911-12
Raymond W. Jeans 1912-13
N. L. McLaren 1913-14
Fred Faust 1914-15
Roger Goss 1915-16
Marshall Maslin 1916-17
George Atcheson, Jr. 1917-18
George Atcheson, Jr. 1918-19
R. W. Rineheart 1919-20
G. F. MacMullen 1920-21
R. L. Ingram 1921-22
Jack Lyons 1922-23
F. A. Fender 1924-25
Dean Avery
John S. Cook 1925-26
Bertram Googins 1926-27
Wilson Cosby 1927-28
John V. Kluegel--fall 1928-29
George T. Eggleston--spring
Edward T. Haas--fall 1929-30
Glanville Heisch--spring
Edward T. Haas--fall 1930-31
Glanville Heisch--spring
Douglas Nicholson--fall 1929-30
Harry Thornally--spring
Ford Sibley--fall 1932-33
Jack Fagan--spring
Graham Heid--fall 1933-34
Benjamin C. Martin--spring
Lionel Ormsby--fall 1934-35
Bruce Ariss--spring
Samuel Tannenbaum--fall 1935-36
Robert Meltzer--spring
Robert Pickering 1936-37
William Wallace--fall 1937-38
Freeman Silva--spring
Bernard Taper--fall 1938-39
Don Stofle--spring
Warner Law--fall 1939-40
Alec Yuill-Thornton--spring
Edwin Stofle--fall 1940-41
Roberta MacDonald--spring
Rip Matteson--fall 1941-42
W. I. Matson--spring
Alan Alch--fall 1942-43
Marge Silva--spring
Carol Pauker 1943-44
Claudia Murphy--summer-fall 1944-45
Frances Schweickhardt--spring
Frances Schweickhardt--summer 1945-46
Raymond Lewis--fall-spring
Tom Jones 1946-47
Dave Bary--fall 1947-48
Bill Van Voris--spring
Eugene A. K. Thompson 1948-49
Ken Kolb 1949-1950
Bob Sederholm 1950-51
Collin Clark--fall 1951-52
Ralph Estling--spring
Ron Goulart--fall 1952-53
Collin Clark--spring
Walt Anderson 1953-54
Ron Goulart--fall 1954-55
Terry Wollter--spring
John Ruyle 1955-56
Janet Dent--fall 1956-57
Allan Hislop--spring
Ken De Fiebre--fall 1957-58
Dave Toll--spring
Jim Packer--fall 1958-59
R. R. Ervine--spring
Joe McCord--fall 1959-60
Frank Chin--spring
Don Wegars 1960-61
Doug Kim 1961-62
Dick Corten 1962-63
Dexter Waugh--fall 1963-64
Mitch Chefitz--spring
Dick Corten 1964-65
Bob Wieder 1965-66

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Editors of the Occident

C. H. Oatman 1880-81
E. A. Walcott--fall 1881-82
E. C. Sanford--spring
E. C. Sanford--fall 1882-83
W. A. Beatty--spring
W. A. Beatty 1883-84
G. T. Clark 1884-85
A. G. Eells
E. A. Howard 1885-86
Charles Biedenbach
John D. Murphey--fall 1886-87
W. W. Sanderson--spring
E. R. Drew--fall 1887-88
L. Hutchinson--spring
W. T. Craig--fall 1888-89
W. L. Jepson--spring
John D. Rideout--fall 1889-1890
V. K. Chestnut--spring
H. C. Head 1890-91
Lee W. Lloyd--fall 1891-92
F. H. McLean--spring
W. M. Carpenter--fall 1892-93
C. L. Knight--spring
Frank W. Bancroft 1893-94
H. M. Anthony--fall 1894-95
E. T. Thurston, Jr.--spring
M. C. Flaherty--fall 1895-96
R. S. Phelps--spring
A. L. Weil--fall 1896-97
James Hopper--spring
James Hopper 1897-98
Stuart G. Masters--fall 1898-99
Ira Abraham--spring
Richard W. Tully--fall 1899-1900
Arhibald Cloud--spring
Alexander Gordenker--fall 1900-01
Milton Schwartz--spring
Monroe E. Deutsch--fall 1901-02
Alexander Adler--spring
James M. Koford--fall 1902-03
Leslie M. Turner--spring
Arthur L. Price--fall 1903-04
Hart Greensfelder--spring
Leo D. Bishop 1904-05
Gus C. Keane
Joseph S. Koford 1905-06
Edward Blackman
Gurden Edwards--fall 1906-07
J. D. Fletcher--spring
David S. Levy--fall 1907-08
Philip S. Thacher--spring
William S. Wells--fall 1908-09
Richard Goldman--spring
Francis R. Steel--fall 1909-10
Wesley W. Kergan--spring
Robert W. Cross 1910-11
Arne K. Hoisholt 1911-12
Lloyd A. Myers 1912-13
R. G. Ham 1913-14
Sidney C. Howard 1914-15
Hazel Mavermale 1915-16
John R. Bruce 1916-17
Genevieve Taggard 1917-18
Genevieve Taggard 1918-19
Clarence Greenhood 1919-20
R. A. Beals 1920-21
F. B. McGurrin--fall 1921-22
H. R. Luck
Harold R. Luck 1922-23
Ellsworth R. Stewart 1923-24
Vernon Patterson 1924-25
Robert Wall 1930-31
David C. Camp 1931-32
Marvin Rosenberg 1932-33
John Conrad 1933-34
Dorothy Fraser 1934-35
Dorothy Fraser--fall 1935-36
Frank Wilson--spring
Solomon Eidinoff--fall
Henry May (Chairman of Editorial Board) 1936-37
Margaret Grote--spring 1945
George Hummer 1945-46
Jocelyn Willat 1946-47
Charlotte McCord--fall 1947-48
Barbara Gordon--spring
Ray Menzle--fall 1948-49
Vic Di Suvero--spring
Lynne Brown--fall 1949-50
Dale Joe--spring
Richard Champlin--fall 1950-51
Kenneth Pettitt--spring
Jack Goddard--fall 1951-52
George Huaco--spring
Hannah B. Pascal--fall 1952-53
Robert Monell--spring
Sylvia Rosenbaum--fall 1953-54
Richard Rummonds--spring
Theodore Kloski--spring 1955
William P. Barlow, Jr.--fall 1955-56
Joan Didion--spring
Ted Fourkas--fall 1956-57
Marlene Clifford--spring
James Hatch--fall 1957-58
Robert Chrisman--spring
Diane Wakoski--fall 1958-59
Duncan Pierce--spring
Diane Wakoski--fall 1959-60
Ralph Costa--spring
Florence Armstrong--fall 1960-61
Walt Wright--spring
Wendy Martin--fall 1961-62
Alexander M. Stevens--spring
Leon Weiner--fall 1962-63
Joel Rosenberg--spring
Tom David--fall 1963-64
Jane Friedman--spring
Laura Dunlap 1964-65
Martha Masterson--fall 1965-66
Michael Eliasberg--spring

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Editors of the California Journal of Technology

Robert Sibley 1902-03
Robert Sibley 1903-04
Norman F. Titus 1904-05
Ralph P. Merritt 1905-06
O. M. Boyle, Jr.--fall 1906-07
Harry M. Hall--spring
Harry M. Hall--fall 1907-08
Roy A. Lind--spring
Lester O. Wolcott 1908-09
Joseph M. McCoy 1909-10
W. E. Dean 1913-14
Rene Guilloux 1914-15

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Editors of the California Engineer

L. H. Rushmer 1922-23
Alfred Livingston--fall 1923-24
Richard Wood--spring
Edwin Fisk 1924-25
Charles Nourse 1925-26
Raphael Sampson 1926-27
Erhardt Koerper 1927-28
Lewis Howard 1928-29
Francis Pritchard 1929-30
Charles Sexton 1930-31
Newell A. Davies 1931-32
Laurence Anderson--fall 1932-33
Ormond Bretherick--spring
June Malone (Women's Editor)
Edmund Thelen, Jr. 1933-34
Ray Walker 1934-35
Arthur Harrison--fall 1935-36
Herbert Crowle--fall
Orval Clark--spring
Jack Keenan 1936-37
Charles Patterson 1937-38
Ralph Nelson 1938-39
Sam Ruvkun 1939-40
Earl Serdahl 1940-41
Wil Staring 1941-42
Verne Cooperrider 1942-43
Duane Parkinson--summer-fall 1943-44
Irwin Spitzer--spring
John Clawson--summer 1944-45
Mary Lou Coombs--fall-spring
Bailey Clark--summer-fall 1945-46
Mary Lou Coombs--fall
Walter Dimmick--spring
Paul Miller--fall 1946-47
Ed Firth--spring
Jane Kidd--fall 1947-48
Sinclair Knapp--spring
Rex Beal--fall 1948-49
Jack Griffin--spring
Don Porter 1949-50
Gene Borson
Joan Hoffman
Al White--fall 1950-51
Dave Koblick--spring
Jim Smith--fall 1951-52
Charles Seim--spring
Dick Henderson--fall 1952-53
Bob Markevitch--spring
Ken White 1953-54
Bruce Pifel 1954-55
Al Geiger--fall
Lew Russell--spring 1955-56
Al Geiger--fall
Stan Mercer--spring 1956-57
Shel Carrol--fall 1957-58
Bob Shipley--spring
William Whitney--fall 1958-59
Lynn Seaman--spring
Richard Basler--fall 1959-60
Pete Beakschi--spring
Steve Whilden--fall 1960-61
Martin Halseth--spring
Dave Leppaluoto--fall 1961-62
Clint Ar--spring
Jim Doub--fall 1962-63
Steve Fabricant--spring
Tom Pittman--fall 1963-64
Bob Showen--spring
Bob Showen--fall 1964-65
Tom Edwards--spring
Richard Sullivan 1965-66


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