Partial list of faculty member "non-signers"

Arthur H. Brayfield, Ph.D.

  • Age 35. Assistant Professor of Education, U.C.; B.S., University of Minnesota, 1939, cum laude; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1946.
  • Major Field: Personal Psychology; Minor Field: Education Psychology.
  • Positions: Dean of Student Personnel, Long Beach City College, 1946-48; Assistant Dean of Student Personnel, Colorado A. & M. College, 1940-41; Personal Consultant, U.S. Armed Forces Institute, Washington, D.C., December 1943 to April 1944; taught in ASTP Personnel Psychology at the University of Minnesota, June to November, 1943.
  • Publications: Contributed sections to A Design for General Education in the Armed Forces, American Council on Education, 1944; contributed sections to Training of Vocational Counselors, War Manpower Commission, 1944.
  • Books: Readings in Modern Methods of Counseling, 1950; with M. E. Han, Dean of Students, U.C.L.A., Occupational Laboratory Manual Job Exploration Workbook, Science Research Association, 1945; with D. G. Paterson and G. S. Dickson, sections on Vocational Counseling in Encyclopedia of Education Research, 1950.
  • Organizations: American Psychological Association, American College Personnel Association, National Vocational Guidance Association.

Arthur G. Brodeur, Ph.D.

  • Age 62. Professor of English, 34 years' service at U.C. Since 1946 Chairman, Department of Scandinavian Languages.
  • Publications: The Climax of the Finn Episode in Beowulf, 1943; Design and Motive in the Finn Episode, 1943; The Pageant of Civilization, 1931.
  • Secretary, Old English Group, Modern Language Association of American, 1950; Order of Vasa (Swedish), Knight, First Class, 1944.

Warner Brown, Ph.D.

  • Age 68. Professor Psychology; 42 years' service at U.C. Chairman, Department of Psychology for several periods.
  • War Service: In charge of Army Student Training Program (U.C.) in specialized service.
  • Publications: Monograph on Suggestion, 1915; Monograph on Determination of Choice, 1932;College Psychology, 1949; and over 20 articles on Psychology.
  • Member of Sigma Xi; Chairman, Committee on Academic Freedom, and Member, Committee on Professional Ethics, American Psychological Association; Charter Member and Fellow, Society of Experimental Psychologists.

Hubert S. Coffey, Ph.D.

  • Age 40. Assistant Professor of Psychology; Chief of Training, Office of Administrator, Federal Security Agency, 1946.
  • War Service: Lieutenant Commander, U.S.N.R., Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Aviation Psychology Section. Author of 6 monographs on Methods of Training in Aerial Free Gunnery.
  • Publications: "Community Service and Social Research," Journal of Social Issues (June 1950), and various articles on psychological research and service.
  • Member of Sigma Xi; Clinical Fellow, American Psychological Association; Group Leader, National Training Laboratory; Principal Investigator, Project in Group Therapy, U.S. Public Health Service.

Ludwig Edelstein, Ph.D.

  • Age 48. Professor of Greek; awarded Capps Fellowship for the American Archeological Institute, School of Athens, 1947; Lecturer in History of Ancient Science, Berlin University, 1932-33; Associate Professor of the History of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University, 1943-47; Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, University of Washington, Seattle, 1947-48.
  • War Service: Taught A.S.T.P. courses in German, Johns Hopkins University.
  • Publications: Peri Aeron and die Sammlung der hippokratischen Schriften, Berlin, 1931; Asclepius: A Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies, 2 Vols., Baltimore, 1945; The Hippocratic Oath, Translation and Interpretation, Baltimore, 1943; Poseidonius, (forthcoming, Johns Hopkins Press); and over 30 articles on Greek Philosophy and Science and related subjects. Also, Ed. Hindu Medicine, 1949.
  • Member of American Philological Association; History of Medicine Society; History of Science Society. President of History of Ideas Club; Tudor and Stuart Club. Editorial Committee, California University Press.

Walter D. Fisher, Ph.D.

  • Age 34. Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics; December 1940-June 1942, Assistant Agricultural Economist, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Administration, Fruit and Vegetable Branch.
  • War Service: February 1943-March 1946 U.S. Army Air Forces; electronics officer, AACS; June 1944- December 1945 in China-Burma-India Theater of Operations and Office-in-Charge of isolated detachment.
  • Publications: The Consumer Demand for Lemons in the United States, 1943; Canning Tomatoes: Situation in California, 1947; Dry Edible Beans: Situation in California, 1949.
  • Member of: American Farm Economics Association, Western Farm Economics Association, American Statistical Association and Econometric Society.

Edwin S. Fussell, Ph.D.

  • Age 28. Instructor in English.
  • War Service: Lieutenant (j.g.), U.S.N.R., destroyer-escort duty.
  • Publications: Three forthcoming articles on American literature.
  • Phi Beta Kappa, High Honors (Pomona College).

Robert E. Harris, M.D.

  • Age 35. Lecturer in Psychology, Berkeley, and Associate Professor of Medical Psychology, Langley Porter Clinic, Carnegie Corporation Inter-Disciplinary Fellowship in Psychology and Anthropology at Columbia, 1940; Chief Psychologist, Langley Porter Clinic, 1943 to present; Consultant in Psychology, Veterans Administration, 1947 to present; Special Consultant to U.S. Army, 1950; Consultant, U.S.P.H.S., 1950; Lecturer, Menninger Foundation, 1949; A.P.A., Chairman Research Committee, Division of Clinical and Abnormal Psychology.
  • Publications: Case Histories in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology, 1947 (co-author); Chronic Disease and Psychological Invalidism, 1946; Duodenal Ulcer, A Socio-Psychological Study, 1948; and an additional 20 articles on psychological subjects.
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi. Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Projective Techniques.

Margaret T. Hodgen, Ph.D.

  • Age 60. Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Institutions; 25 years' service at U.C.
  • Publications: Doctrine of Survivals, 1935; Data Distributions and Social Change, 1950; and 7 or 8 articles on history and anthropology.
  • University Fellow, 1921-23; Chairman of Department, 1940-45; Graduate Research Lecturer, 1942.

James Hopper, Jr., M.D.

  • Age 40. Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Laboratories, U.C. Hospital; House Officer in medicine, U.C. Hospital, 1940-41; Alexander Brown Coxe Fellow in Medicine, American College of Physicians Fellow at Yale University School of Medicine, 1941-43; Director of Clinical Laboratories, U.C. Hospital, 1943 to present date.
  • Publications: Simultaneous Measurements of the Blood Volume in Man and Dog by Means of Evans Blue Dye, T1284, and by Means of Carbon Monoxide, Journal of Clin. Invest., 1944; Experimental Hypertonicity, Journal of Clin. Invest., 1944; Anuria and Oliguria, California Medicine, 1950.
  • Member of Sigma Xi, Western Society for Clinical Research.

Walter W. Horn, Ph.D.

  • Age 42. Professor of Art, 12 years' service at U.C.
  • War Service: Entered U.S. Army as private, July 1943 and discharged as Captain, Inf. August 1946. Transferred to ROC, same rank. Overseas duty: ETO September 28, 1944-August 19, 1946 (interrogation of PW's and political internees, Gestapo, SS). Head Intelligence Unit of Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section, in charge of recovery of Nazi looted works of art, June 1945-August 1946.
  • Awards: Czechoslovak Medal of Merit, First Class (for intelligence work leading to recovery of Nazi looted works of art owned by Czechoslovakia); Bronze Star (Central European Campaign); Bronze Start (Rhineland Campaign).
  • Publications: Die Fassade von St. Gilles, Eine Entwicklungsgeschichtliche sudfranzosishen Kunst Des 12. Jahrh., Hamburg, 1937; Romanesque Churches in Florence, Art Bulletin XXV, 1943; Das Florentiner Baptisterium, Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz, V, 1938, pp. 100- 151.
  • Member Board of Directors, College Art Association of America, 1950-54.

Emily H. Huntington, Ph.D.

  • Age 55. Professor of Economics, 32 years' service at U.C.; 1943-45, National War Labor Board-10th Regional War Labor Board, Wage Stabilization Director; 1935 to present date, Chairman of Heller Committee for Research in Social Economics; Consultant, U.S. Department of Labor; Member of State Industrial Welfare Commission for three years.
  • Publications: Living on a Moderate Income, 1937; Unemployment Relief and the Unemployed, 1939; Doors to Jobs, a study of the organization of the labor market in California, 1942, and 20 articles on social economics and related fields.
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa; President of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Statistical Association in 1948; Advisor to the Haynes Foundation, Los Angeles, in 1945.

Ernst H. Kantorowicz, Ph.D.

  • Age 55. Professor of History, 11 years' service at U.C.; Visiting Professor of History, Oxford University, 1938; Visiting Professor, Harvard University (Dumbarton Oaks), 1950.
  • War Service: Instructor, A.S.T.P., University of California.
  • Publications: Frederick the Second,The King's Two Bodies,Petrus de Vinea in England, The Problem of Medieval World Unity, and over 20 articles on medieval and late antique history and art.
  • Member: Medieval Academy of America, American History Assocation, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, etc.; Symposium of the American Council of Learned Socities, 1950.

Harold W. Lewis, Ph.D.

  • Age 27. Assistant Professor of Physics.
  • War Service: U.S. Navy, 1944-46.
  • Fellow in Physics, University of California, 1946-47; Member of Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1947-48.
  • Publications: (All of the following in the Physical Review) Multiple Production of Mesons, 1948; Reactive Terms in Quantum Electrodynamics, 1948; Analysis of Extensive Comic-Ray Shower Data, 1948.

Jacob Loewenberg, Ph.D.

  • Age 68. Professor of Philosopy, 35 years' service at U.C.
  • Publications: Dialogues from Delphi, 1949; Knowledge and Society (co-author) 1938;Hegel Selections, (co-author) 1930.
  • Phi Beta Kappa; Visiting Lecturer at Harvard, 1947-48; Past President of American Philosophical Association.

Anthony P. Morse, Ph.D.

  • Age 38. Professor of Mathematics, 11 years' service at U.C.; Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, 1937- 38.
  • War Service: Mathematician at Aberdeen, Exterior Ballistics Laboratory, Specialist on Rocket Firing. Publications: 19 articles on Measure Theory, Real Variable Theory, etc.
  • Member of Sigma Xi, Council of American Mathematical Society, 1946-48.

Charles Muscatine, Ph.D.

  • Age 30. Assistant Professor of English.
  • War Service: Lieutenant, U.S.N.R, Navigator U.S.S. L.S.T. 335, November 1942- April 1945; North African Operations, Sicily Landing, Salerno Landing, Normandies Landing; Navy Commendation ribbon from Commander in charge Atlantic Fleet for rescue work on D-day.
  • Honors: "Honors with Exceptional Distinction" (Yale, 1941); Willis Tew Prize (Yale Graduate School, 1942); Numerous Fellowships (Yale), Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Modern Language Association of America.

Stefan Peters, Ph.D.

  • Age 41. Associate Professor of Insurance, School of Business Administration, U.C.; Lecturer in Mathematics, U.C.
  • War Service: Served as enlisted man in U.S. Army, 1943-5 (2 years abroad).
  • Positions: Assistant Editor, Xth International Congress of Actuaries, Rome, 1933-4; Assistant Actuary, Compensation Insurance Rating Board, N.Y.., to 1943; Mathematical Analyst, West Coast Life Insurance Co., S.F., 1946-8; Consulting Actuary for California Inspection and Rating Bureau since 1949.
  • Honors: First place in nationwide civil service examination for positions of Chief Actuary of the California Insurance Department, 1948.
  • Publications: "Theorie der unendlichen Abelschen Gruppen," Math Ann. 104, 1931; "Untergruppen und Quotiengruppen unendlicher Abelscher Gruppen," Math Ann. 105; "Ex-Medical Coverage-- Workman's Compensation," PCAS, XXVII, I, 1940; "Discussion of the Ratemaking Procedure in Workmen's Compensation Insurance; A Method of Testing Classification Relativities," PCAS, XXVII, I, 1941.
  • Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society; Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Margaret Peterson O'Hagan, Ph.D.

  • Age 48. Associate Professor in Art, 22 years' service at U.C.
  • Publications: One-man shows of paintings; California Palace of Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 1933; Raymond and Raymond Galleries, San Francisco, 1945; San Francisco Museum of Art, Civic Center, 1950; "San Francisco Art Association--Emmanuel Walter Fund Purchase Prize," 1942; San Francisco Art Association Exhibition, Honorable Mention, 1943; San Francisco Art Association Show, October 1947, First Prize; San Francisco Women's Art Association Show, October 1937, Second Prize.

Leonardo Olschki, Ph.D.

  • Age 65. Lecturer and Research Associate in Oriental Languages; Lecturer in History and Italian, Johns Hopkins University, 1939-40.
  • Publication: (Published in the United States, 1940-50) Marco Polo's Precursors, 1943; Machiavelli the Scientist, 1945; Guillaume Boucher: A French Artist at the Court of the Khans, 9146; The Genius of Italy, 1949; The Myth of Felt, 1949; and 34 books and articles on history and Oriental languages.
  • Cf. Who's Who in America, Dictionary of American Scholars, World Biography, Enciclopedia Italiana (1948).

Brewster Rogerson, Ph.D.

  • Age 29. Assistant Professor of English; Instructor in English, Yale University, 1944; Member of Modern Language Association, American Society of Aesthetics.

R. Nevitt Sanford, Ph.D.

  • Age 41. Professor of Psychology, 10 years' service at U.C. War Service: Office of Strategic Services. 1940-45, Research Associate, Institute of Child Welfare, University of California; 1944-48, Co-Director of Berkeley Public Opinion Study.
  • Publications: Physique, Personality and Scholarship, 1943; The Authoritarian Personality, 1950; during war and shortly thereafter published 13 scientific on the war morale and democracy and 7 papers on measurement of social beliefs and attitudes.
  • Elective offices of the American Psychological Association: Representative to National Research Council; Special Consultant to Mental Hygiene Division of U.S. Public Health Service; Associate Editor, Journal of Consulting Psychologists; National Chairman of Group of Psychoanalytic Psychologists; Member of Committee of American Psychological Association on Training in Clinical Psychology.

Edward Hetzel Schafer, Ph.D.

  • Age 37. Assistant Professor of Oriental Languages.
  • Military Service: In Office of Chief of Naval Operations and staff of U.S. Seventh Fleet. At present, Commanding Officer, Organized Communications Supplementary Activities Group 12-4, Alameda, California, with rank of Lieutenant Commander.
  • Publications: Notes on a Chinese Word for Jasmine, Journal of the American Oriental Society 68.60-65, 1948; Noun Classifiers in Classical Chinese, Language 24.408-413, 1948; The Camel in China Down to the Mongol Dynasty, Sinologica Vol. 2, parts 3 and 4 (Basel, Switzerland, 1950).
  • Phi Beta Kappa; Rockefeller Fellow in the Humanities, 1946; Associate Editor, University of California Publications in Linguistics; Chairman of Committee for China Middle Dynasties Project, East Asiatic Institute, University of California.

Pauline Sperry, Ph.D.

  • Age 65. Associate Professor of Mathematics, 33 years' service at U.C.
  • During the war taught calculus to Navy recruits.
  • Publications: Properties of a Projectively Defined Two-Parameter Family of Curves on a General Surface, American Journal of Mathematics, 1918; Spherical Trigonometry, 1926; Bibliography of Projective Differential Geometry.
  • Member of American Association of University Professors, American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa.

Edward C. Tolman, Ph.D.

  • Age 64. Professor of Psychology, 32 years' service at U.C.
  • Publications: Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men, 1932; Drives Toward War, 1942; and over eighty articles in Psychological Periodicals.
  • President, Western Psychological Association, 1922; Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science, 1922; President, American Psychological Association, 1937 (Council 1932-34), (Board of Directors 1945-47); Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1937-; Vice Present, American Association for Advancement of Science, 1944; Member, American Philosophical Society, 1947; Faculty Research Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 1947; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Services, 1949.
  • War Service: Psychologist, Office of Strategic Services, July 1944-February 1945.

Joe Tussman, Ph.D.

  • Age 35. Assistant Professor of Speech.
  • War Service: Major, Chinese Combat Command, Bronze Star.
  • Publications: "Equal Protection of the Laws," California Law Review, 1949.

Gian Carlo Wick

  • Age 41. Professor of Physics; Professor of Physics, University of Notre Dame, 1946-48; Consultant, Office of Naval Research, 1946-48; Research in Atomic Energy Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, 1948 and 1949; Fellow of American Physical Society; Fellowship, Royal Academy, Rome, 1938; Sano Fellow, University of Turin, 1931; Sella Prize, Academy of Lincei, Rome, 1935.
  • Publications: Magnetic Properties of Hydrogen Molecule;Structure of Nuclear Matter;Neutron Diffusion Phenomena; and over 40 articles on nuclear physics.

Harold Winkler, Ph.D.

  • Age 36. Assistant Professor of Political Science; Instructor in Government at Harvard, 1940-42; Director of Research for Council for Democracy (an organization headed by Raymond Gram Swing, Executive Secretary, C. D. Jackson, President of Life Magazine; financed by Luce, Rockefeller, etc., to combat hysteria which threatened democratic institutions in U.S., 1940-41).
  • War Service: Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, mainly on carrier duty in Pacific; Bronze Star.
  • A.B. (Summa Cum Laude), Ph.D. (Harvard); Member of Phi Beta Kappa, American Political Science Association (Committee on Labor).

Source: To Bring You the Facts, pamphlet privately printed and distributed by eighteen alumni of the Berkeley campus, August 17, 1950.


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