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Timeline of Events related to the UC History Loyalty Oath

Summary of Loyalty Oath events
Expanded timeline with historical background

Selected Documents
Text of past and current oaths

Recommendation of UC Alumni Association to Regents on Anti-Communism Policy, April 20, 1950
Resolution Adopted by the Regents of the University of California, April 21, 1950
Report of State Oath of Allegiance Non-Signers

Edward C. Tolman (non-signer, Psychology) to UC President Robert G. Sproul, July 18, 1950
John D. Hicks (non-signer, History) to Regent Stephen D. Bechtel, August 3, 1950
Regent Moffitt, Vice President Deutsch to Governor Earl Warren, August 16, 1950
James E. Schevill to UC President Robert Sproul, October 30, 1950
Howard K. Schachman to UC President Robert Sproul, November 1, 1950
Lisbeth Bamberger to UC President Robert Sproul, December 13, 1950

Headlines and editorial cartoons from the Daily Californian

Newspaper Coverage

Daily Bruin
Student newspaper, UCLA

Daily Californian
Student newspaper, UC Berkeley

El Gaucho
Student newspaper, UC Santa Barbara

Biographical Information

Partial list of faculty member "non-signers"

Oral Histories

Excerpt from the oral history of Edward Strong, "non-signer" of Loyalty Oath

Personal Accounts

Felix Rosenthal, non-signer

Partial Bibliography/Excerpts from books

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