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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
Scripps Institution
of Oceanography
  Nierenberg, William A. 1919-2000
Portrait Revelle, Roger R. 1909-1991
Portrait Eckart, Carl 1902-1973
  Ritter, William Emerson 1856-1944
  Kofoid, Charles Atwood 1865-1947
  Baker, Frederick 1854-1938
Portrait Raitt, Russell Watson 1907-1995
  Shepard, Francis Parker 1897-1985
  Bullard, Edward Crisp 1907-1980
  Bramlette, Milton Nunn 1896-1977
Portrait Eckart, Carl 1902-1973
  Marine Biology
  Volcani, Benjamin Elazari 1915-1999
  Sweeney, Eleanor Beatrice March 1914-1989
  Hagiwara, Susumu 1922-1989
  Johnson, Martin W. 1893-1984
  Fox, Denis Llewellyn 1901-1983
  Scholander, Per Fredrik 1905-1980
  Fager, Edward William 1917-1976
  Sumner, Francis Bertody 1874-1945
  Marine Research
  Rakestraw, Norris Watson 1895-1982
  Oceanography/Physical Oceanography
  Van Atta, Charles William 1934-2001
  Nierenberg, William A. 1919-2000
  Duntley, Seibert Quimby 1911-1999
  Peterson, Melvin N. A. 1929-1995
  Arthur, Robert Siple 1916-1995
  Phleger, Fred B. 1909-1993
  Wheelock, Charles DeLorma 1897-1980
  McEwen, George Francis 1882-1972
  Schaefer, Milner B. 1912-1970
Capricorn Expedition, c1953.  Photo by Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Copyright: UC Regents.  Credit: SIO Archives/UCSD, Capricorn Expedition Photographs, Accession 81-127, negative 1499. Russell Watson Raitt
Professor of Geosciences and Geophysics, UC San Diego

"His willingness to share his thoughts and skills with others made it easy for colleagues and graduate students to work with him both at sea and ashore."
Portrait, c1958.  Photographer unknown; copyright status unknown. Credit: SIO Archives/UCSD. Roger R. Revelle
Professor of Oceanography and Political Science and Director of Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UC San Diego

"Roger Randall Dougan Revelle, renowned oceanographer and founding father of UCSD, was one of this century's most eminent men of science. "
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Carl Eckart
Professor of Geosciences, UC San Diego

"He became involved in most of his fields of interest at times of their major development, and that, in each case, he played the roles of leader, synthesizer, and teacher."



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