Online Biographies of UC Faculty & Administrators from 1928 to 2001

We faculty of the University of California Academic Senate have produced In Memoriam to honor our deceased colleagues. It is our hope that these memorials will convey the gifts and vitality of these men and women and serve as fitting tributes to them.

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Since 2002, this publication has been continued by the Academic Senate
Photograph by G. Paul Bishop, 1950. Photograph courtesy of University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 13:517 Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Photograph courtesy of UCLA University Archives. Record series 684, Library Photographic Services. Photographs, 1948-1967. Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Francisco Photograph of Vernon Cheadle courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara. Date and photographer unknown.
Herbert Eugene Bolton,
Sather Professor of History, UC Berkeley

"To him historical research was a great adventure. A distinguished colleague, Samuel Eliot Morison, described his writing as 'history that sings to the heart while it informs the understanding.'"
Maria Goeppert Mayer,
Professor of Physics, UC San Diego
Nobel Laureate

"There is little hope that we will see her match again soon. Her own work has been a decisive influence in shaping solid state, atomic, and nuclear physics. Without her, hardly anyone is left who understands all of physics and teaches it in a universal way."
Robert Carl Elliott, Professor of English Literature, UC San Diego

"He was a powerful department chairman, a leader all the way. He was also a powerful colleague, enabling all of us to understand that, although we could never achieve utopia, we must nonetheless strive for it."
Harvey S. Perloff, Dean of the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UC Los Angeles
"In 1968, Harvey assumed his stewardship at UCLA. Over the next fifteen years, he raised the School from insignificant beginnings to one of the leading centers for Architectural and Planning study in the world. It was his crowning achievement."
Choh Hao Li, Professor of Biochemistry and Experimental Endocrinology, and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology, UC San Francisco
"Professor Li left an enormous legacy of accomplishments to the world of science as well as a standard of continuous discipline of organization and hands-on personal involvement in research."
Vernon I. Cheadle,
Professor of Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara
Chancellor of UC Santa Barbara
"Vernon Cheadle's mission was to transform a small, mostly undergraduate college into a first-class general campus of the University of California. He succeeded admirably in carrying out his mission: Vernon Cheadle became the architect and builder of this campus."

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