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Steve Finacom
Steven Finacom undertook a staff internship with the UC History Digital Archives in its first year of operation. He helped organize conferences and symposia on the Loyalty Oath controversy and the Centennial of the Hearst Architectural Competition. Finacom is a career UC employee, working in the Capital Projects division of the Berkeley campus, and is one of the founding editorial board members of the Chronicle of the University of California.


Todd Greenspan
Todd Greenspan is Coordinator of Educational Relations in the Academic Initiatives Department, University of California Office of the President (UCOP) in Oakland, CA. In his current position with UC, Todd focuses on statewide studies of higher education and education governance in California. He is involved as a UC representative in the current effort to develop a new Master Plan for Education and was also a UC representative in the last review of the Master Plan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He represented the University in the studies of the California Citizens Commission for Higher Education, the California Governance Consensus Project, the California Constitutional Revision Commission, and the RAND project on higher education commissioned by the California Education Round Table. Todd is the UC liaison to the California Postsecondary Education Commission and staffs UC representatives to the California Education Round Table and the Intersegmental Coordinating Council. Todd received his B.A. in political science from Stanford University and his master's degree in public policy from UC Berkeley. His first educational policy job was with Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) at UC Berkeley, working on the Oakland Schools' Strategic Planning Project and a study of the California teacher shortage. Todd worked for the UC State Governmental Relations Office in Sacramento from 1985-91. Before moving to UCOP in Oakland, Todd lived for a year in Bali, Indonesia. He is now the treasurer of the Balinese performing arts group Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Todd maintains a website on the Master Plan at for UCOP.


Joyce W. Bee
Joyce joined the Center for Studies in Higher Education in July 1998, while still a student at Cal, and helped to prepare the initial framework for the UCHDA. She graduated in May 2000 with a degree in Mass Communications and minors in Asian American Studies and German. Joyce served as the principal web designer and graphic artist for the UCHDA, telecommuting from her home base in Los Angeles.


Iset Anuakan
History (Ph.D., 2001)

While completing her Ph.D. in history at UCB, Iset did research for the UCHDA related to the California Master Plan for Higher Education. She tracked down original documentation of legislation and constitutional amendments related to the development of higher education in California, and researched and drafted biographies of the key architects of the Master Plan. Iset's doctoral dissertation focused on race and gender in 19th and 20th century U.S. history, and African American women's development of public institutions.

Monica Fernandes
School of Information & Management Systems (M.I.M.S, May 2001)

Monica helped conduct the preliminary needs assessment for the UCHDA in spring 2001. She designed a questionnaire that was used in interviews with historians, researchers, archivists, and campus public information officers about their potential interest in and use of the UCHDA. She also designed a survey that was distributed to undergraduates enrolled in a UC Berkeley survey course on California history.

Linda Duffy
School of Information & Management Systems (M.I.M.S, May 2002)

Linda started work with the UCHDA as an intern during the summer of 2001, developing a thesaurus of controlled vocabulary for indexing the collection, and an extensive database for In Memoriam. Linda holds a Ph.D. in demography from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in social sciences from the University of Chicago.

Jenny L. White
Comparative Literature (Ph.D., May 2003)

Jenny worked with the Center for Studies in Higher Education for several years as webmaster and editor for the Higher Education in the Digital Age project, and, during the summer of 2002, brought her technical and editing skills to the UCHDA project. She focused on quality control, compiling citations for source materials, and proofreading the Master Plan documents.

Beginning in the fall of 2001, the UCHDA has benefited from the work of the following interns who have come to us by way of the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program. Their research has focused on developing thematic Web resources related to two periods in the history of the University of California: the Phoebe Hearst international architectural competition (1898-99) and the loyalty oath controversy (1949-50).
Cherry Zamora
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: Fall 2001

Meredith Packer
History, English Minor
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: 2001-02

Jennifer Wahlgren
English and Philosophy
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: Spring 2002

Mary Wong
Political Science
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: Spring 2002, Fall 2003

Shereen Madjd-Sadjadi
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: 2002-03

May Tsai
Psychology and English
(B.A., May 2005)
Internship: 2002-03

Charles Cannizzaro
History and Political Science
(B.A., May 2005)
Internship: Spring 2003

Adil Khan
Political Science and Economics
(B.A., May 2004)
Internship: Spring 2003

Jenny Yu
Cognitive Science
(B.A., May 2003)
Internship: Spring 2003

Ezra Cheng
(B.A., May 2004)
Internship: Fall 2003

Hsin "Gina" Peng
Political Science and Cognitive Science
(B.A., December 2005)
Internship: Fall 2003


The UCHDA has relied on the skills of part-time undergraduate and graduate students who have assisted with the mark-up and publication of primary historical documents in digital format, using the Text Encoding Initiative in SGML, and now, XML. Many have also contributed to maintaining the UCHDA gateway site, and conducted small research-related projects.

Lisa Bari
Cognitive Science
(B.S., December 2001)
Employment: Spring 2001

Sita Benedict
Applied Math/Computer Science and History
(B.S./B.A., May 2003)
Employment: Fall 2001-Spring 2002

Mary Trombley
School of Information & Management Systems (M.I.M.S, May 2002)
Employment: Spring 2001

Christina Lin
Sociology, Education minor (B.A., May 2003)
Employment: Spring 2002

Marites Mendoza
English (B.A., May 2003)
Employment: January 2001-May 2002

Lillian Chung
(B.A., May 2003)
Employment: Spring 2001 & Fall 2002



Ming Li
Cognitive Science, Computer Science minor
(B.A., December 2003)
Employment: Spring 2002-Spring 2003

Elena Cherkasova
Psychology and Political Science
(B.A., May 2003)
Employment: Spring 2002-Fall 2003



David Huang
Economics and Legal Studies
(B.A., May 2004)
Employment: Fall 2002-Fall 2003

Katie Mapes
Anthropology, Arabic minor
(B.A., May 2005)
Employment: Fall 2002-Spring 2003



Joan Lee
English and Mass Communcations
(B.A., May 2004)
Employment: Fall 2001-Fall 2004

Clarisse Wong
History, Education minor
(B.A., May 2004)
Employment: Fall 2002 - Summer 2004



  Not pictured: Dana Nelson, Electronic Publishing Assistant, 2000; Gerelee Goltsev, Electronic Publishing Assistant, 2000.


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