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Golden Gate Bridge 
General perspective of the proposed Beach Street approach to the Golden Gate Bridge by architectural renderer Chesley Bonestell. [1934].

In a letter to Bonestell, Bernard Maybeck, architect of the Palace of Fine Arts, wrote:

"When the wide road over the Presidio territory has old trees fringing both sides of it and lower bushes to break the ocean winds, it will become a favorite drive, IF, also, the ends of the bridge are controlled to avoid popcorn stands, wayside restaurants that usually decorate our highways, and the ends are parked beautifully to form preludes to the beauty of the Golden Gate as you look down from the bridge. It is necessary to awake the attention of the traveler before he gets on the bridge. The drawing of the approach to the Fine Arts building shows the possibility. If we can have one road like your painting shows it will give the citizen of San Francisco an idea how S.F. can be made into a city that will attract many people who must and can get away from their homes in the interior of the U.S. when the thermometer reaches 100° and 110° Fahrenheit. We may even cut chunks out of our fogs and sell them to the middle west."

Source: Derleth Collection, Water Resources Center Archives.
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