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The Golden Gate Bridge served as a real symbol of hope and progress for the Bay Area during a time of economic crisis. The groundbreaking in 1933 was a cause for celebration. Throughout the construction, pamphlets were printed to keep the public informed. Images of the bridge under construction became a graphic favorite for many areas of interest.

The bridge was declared officially open on May 27, 1937, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed a telegraph key in the White House announcing the event to the world. Opening day was Pedestrian Day (the bridge was opened to vehicular traffic the following day). An estimated 200,000 people crossed the bridge on foot to marvel at the technological wonder. The Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta was a weeklong celebration that included a nightly pageant at Crissy Field, fireworks, parades, tournaments, and entertainment by popular stars of the day, such as Al Jolson.

As they always have, locals and tourists alike continue to admire and enjoy the bridge and insist on sharing its likeness with friends and family.

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