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Online Audio

Carlos Fuentes: The United States and Latin America.

Center for Latin American Studies Lecture Series, UC Berkeley, September 29, 1988. Berkeley Language Center-- Speech Archive SA 1673-1/2

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Ishi, The Last Yahi.

When Ishi suddenly appeared in rural Northern California in 1911, the country was stunned. His tribe as considered extinct; Ishi had lived in hiding for forty years . As the sole survivor, he had refused to surrender. His story embodies the strength and resilience of California's indigenous people. 57 min. ;

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Nixon, Richard M.

The Checkers Speech. Sept. 23, 1952 29 min. Listen online

Nixon, Richard M.: The Watergate tapes

Includes twelve and one-half hours of excerpted Nixon White House tape conversations played in open court in the matters U.S. v Connally and U.S. v Mitchell, et. al. in 1974. Edited from 60 hours of recordings subpoenaed by the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.

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South African Divestment Day Hearing [Online Audio Recording]

Berkeley Language Center -- Speech Archive SA 1221June 8, 1978
Speakers include: David Saxon (Berkeley President); Mervyn Dymally (California Lieutenant Governor); Tom Hayden; John Gaetsewe (South African Congress of Trade Unions); Jerry Brown (Governor, California); Jimmy Herman (International Longshoreman Workers Union, Calif.); Amnesty International; Harry Edwards (UCB Dept. African American Studies); Abraham Walker (former advisor to South African government); Albert Bowker (Berkeley Chancellor); Maxine Waters (California Black Legislative Caucus)

The Metropolitan Future Conference on the Metropolitan Future 1963 : Berkeley, Calif.

Recorded on September 26, 1963 in the Peacock Court of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco and on September 27, 1963 in Pauley Ballroom, Student Union, University of California, Berkeley.

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1. Opening session--Introduction / by Clark Kerr and Catherine Wurster--The reorganization of London's governments / by Sir Edwin Herbert, comments by Caspar W. Weinberger, T.J. Kent Jr., John T. Knox, Roy Sorenson.