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The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 1: Human Interests.

Human Interests. A film on the popular culture of the 1950s beginning with footage of children followed by films of animals. Includes newsreels of beauty contests of children and women and concludes with novelties and popular entertainments like the circus, yo-yo games, water fights, car and boat shows, underwater boxing, and more. Contents: Kids of the fifties (13 min.) -- Animals of the fifties (16 min.) -- Ladies of the fifties (8 min.) -- Fun of the fifties (20 min.). 57 min. 1996.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 2: Disasters.

Presents disasters of the 1950's including the power of hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, avalanches, shipwrecks and landslides. Also includes newreel footage of airplane crashes, train wrecks and fire and gas explosions. Contents: Plane crashes of the fifties (13 min.) -- Train wrecks of the fifties (4 min.) -- Nature's fury in the fifties (22 min.) -- Shipwrecks in the fifties (5 min.) -- Fire in the fifties (8 min.) -- Landslides and explosions in the fifties (6 min.). 58 min. 1996.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 3: Inventions.

Starts with new items in underwater trucks and moves on to motorcycles, bicycles, moving sidewalks, elevators, robots and future cars. Includes new aviation and speed achievements in sky rockets, the B-47 and B-52 bombers, a car plane, helicopters and supersonic jets and the newest in speed boats, jet cars and boats and new kinds of weapons including tanks, rifles, jets, guided missiles and atomic submarines. Contents: Gadgets of the fifties (21 min.) -- Aviation news in the fifties (18 min.) -- Speed in the fifties (9 min.) -- Weapons of the fifties (9 min.). 57 min. 1996.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 4: Fashion.

Presents the world of international and domestic fashions in the 1950's in newsreels highlighting dresses, shoes, hats, swim wear, furs, lingerie, and sports wear. The latest in hair styles and the hottest clothing from Paris, Italy, England, France and the United States are revealed here to assist the ladies in keeping up with the seasonal style changes in fashions. Contents: International fashion scene (28 min.) -- United States fashion scene (29 min.). 57 min. 1996.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 5: Royalty.

Newsreels of royalty starting with the British Monarchs King George, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and The Queen Mother, including newsreel excerpts of the impressive coronation ceremony of young Queen Elizabeth. Next viewed are Prince Rainier and his wife, former film star Grace Kelly and their children. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands travels the world and addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Concludes with King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece visiting New York, followed by brief looks at the royal life of Japan, Spain, Denmark and Austria.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 6: Faces.

Begins with newsreels of movie stars of the fifties in public appearances, traveling, at awards ceremonies and making public service announcements, four of them for U.S. savings bonds. Key world statesmen in newsreels are presented followed by major sports legends of the times and other famous faces including the mobster Frank Costello, Pope Pius XII, and a rare early view of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. / Contents: Stars of the fifties (36 min.) -- Leaders in the news (13 min.) -- Legends in the news (5 min.) -- People in the news (7 min.). 59 min.

The Unforgettable Fifties: The Newsreels 7: Sports.

Presents games and entertainments of the 50s starting with logging competitions, sand surfing, water and snow sports, stock car racing, rodeo, bull fighting, weight lifting, ping-pong, woman wrestlers, bike racing, kayaking, and other fun and games. These popular sports are followed by the golf scene with Ben Hogan, horse racing with Native Dancer, boxing with Sugar Ray Robinson, Wimbledon tennis with Althena Gibson, baseball's 18th all-star game, Don Larsen's perfect game, the N.Y. Yankees winning the world series, Army-Navy football, the running of the bulls and more. 57 min. 1996.