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Feature Film

A Better Tomorrow (Ying huang boon sik) (Hong Kong, 1986)

Directed by John Woo. The first in a trilogy of Chinese "Godfather" films, it portrays countless difficulties and setbacks experienced by a couple of counterfeit money smugglers who have decided to wash their hands of their past and choose a better life. In the first part, Sung Tzu-hao, one of the main protagonists is on his last "business" trip. 90 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Bit of Luck (Tipat mazal) (Israel, 1992)

Directed by Ze'ev Revach. Cast: Ya'ackov Ben-Sira, Zehava Ben, Jacques Cohen, Chen Gueta, Yossi Keinan. Tells the story of a blind father and his singer daughter immigrating together to Israel. 90 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Bite to Eat (Czechoslovakia, 1963)

Directed by Jan Nemec. Nemec's diploma film from the Prague Film Academy. The film is a hallucinatory moment, virtually without dialogue and handles one man's feverish attempt to steal a loaf of bread from a Nazi-guarded train. 10 min. In Czech with German subtitles.

A Bronx Morning (1931)

A film by Jay Leyda. "A camera on an elevated train enters the Bronx. We look down at morning activity. Three title cards tell us, "The Bronx does business ... and the Bronx lives ... on the street." We look in store windows, at fruit and vegetables on display, and at a newsstand. We see shops and shoppers, carts and autos. A truck dumps coal; the iceman cometh. Drying clothes hang on lines strung between buildings. Women push prams; children look down from balconies, a woman leans out an open window. The streets are busy. Children play dice, stickball, and hopscotch.

A Bullet in the Head (Diexie jietou) (Hong Kong, 1990)

Director, John Woo. Cast: Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, Waise Lee, Simon Yam, Fennie Yeun, Yolinda Yan. This sprawling story centers around three childhood friends who, in their journey through wartorn Vietnam, encounter grueling emotional territory. Traveling through many levels of living hell, the three men must find their way through betrayal and greed in the midst of the war. 126 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Chapter in Her Life (1913)

Directed by Lois Weber. Cast: Jane Mercer, Claude Gillingwater, Eva Thatcher, Frankie Raymond, Jacqueline Gadsdon. A little girl's guileless faith warms the heart of her wealthy but misanthropic grandfather and helps a young man to give up drinking. 84 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

A Chef In Love (Mille et une recettes du cuisinier amoureux; Shekvarebuli kulinaris ataserti retsepti) (France / Georgia / Ukraine / Belgium, 1997)

Director, Nana Djordjadze. Cast: Pierre Richard, Micheline Presle, Nino Kirtadze Jean-Yves Gautier, Temour Kamkhadze. French chef Pascal Ichac travels to pre-Soviet Georgia to collect recipes. What he finds is a movable feast of food, music and festivals, along with an adventuresome travel companion, the princess Cecilia. But their romantic idyll is soon threatened by the barbarism of the Russian revolution. 100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
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A Child of the Ghetto. (1910)

Directed by D.W. Griffith. Cast: Kate Bruce, George Nichols, Henry B. Walthall, Dorothy West. After her mother's death, Ruth struggles to support herself as a seamstress. While Ruth delivers shirts to the factory owner, the owner's son steals some money and Ruth is accused of the crime. She flees the ghetto of New York's Lower East Side and hides in the country where a young farmer takes her in and they fall in love. Silent with English intertitles. 16 min. ; ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie DatabaseSee also:

A Chinese Ghost Story (Sinnui Yauman) (Hong Kong, 1987)

Directed by Siu-Tung Ching. Featuring Leslie Cheung, Joey Wang, Wu Ma. The story of Ning Tsai-chen, a Chinese scholar who befriends and falls in love with Nieh Hsiao-chien, a she-ghost captured and tyrannized by the Tree Ogre. 97 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
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A Chinese Ghost Story II (Qian nu you hun II; Tao tao tao; Sinnui yauwan II; Qian nu you hun II) (Hong Kong, 1990)

Director, Siu-Tung Ching (Ching Siu-Tung); Hark Tsui. Cast: Zhang Guorong, Wang Zuxian, Zhang Xueyou, Li Jiaxin. Lin meets a young and witty Taoist, Chi Chau, and they become good friends. They run into some people who pretend to be ghosts. These people are actually trying to save the innocent Fu from imprisonment. Fu has two daughters Ching Fung and Yet Chi who both fall in love with Lin. Fu tries to ask the emperor's right-hand man, Liu Suen, for help but Liu turns out to be a goblin. Lin, Chi Chau and the two sisters all team up to fight against the evil force in order to help Fu.