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Women in the Arts & Sciences

Art to Art: Expressions by Asian American Women

Asian-American women artists Pacita Abad, Yong Soon Min, Hung Liu and Barbara Takenaga, in separate segments each discuss, and show examples of their work. c1993. 30 min.

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Bad Girl

Women filmmakes are directing and producing hard-core videos to the female consumer. These women claim the right to pornography made by women for women and reject the censorship called for by feminists. Are they simply business-women out for their share of one of the most lucritive film markets, or avant-garde feminists and advocates of new sexual relationships? This documentary features selected film clips and interviews with feminist authors, filmmakers, anthropologists, sexologists and porn producers,directors and activists.

Between the Lines: Asian American Women's Poetry

Meena Alexander, Staceyann Chin, Lori Tsang, Kimiko Hahn, Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Cathy Song, Patricia Y. Ikeda, Barbara Michelle Tran, Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Marilyn Chin, Myung Mi Kim, Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Wang Ping, Le Thi Diem Thuy. Presents poetry readings and interviews with 15 major Asian-Pacific American women poets who speak of personal experiences of immigration and how these events have shaped their writing.

Companeras: The Story of the First All-female Mariachi Band

An intimate profile of America's first all-female mariachi band: Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles. Since 1994, this 12-member group has been taking on a male-dominated musical tradition and building the popularity of mariachi music. A film by Elizabeth Massie & Matthew Buzzell. 60 min. 2008.
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Deborah Remington: Woman in the Arts.

Abstract painter Deborah Remington reveals the philosophy which impells her works and discusses her art and success as a woman in today's competitive contemporary art world. 1987. 27 min.

Don't Need You

Tells the story of the origins of Riot Grrrl in the American independent music scene of the 1990s, and how this feminist movement evolved into a revolutionary underground network of education and self-awareness through music, writing, activism, and women-friendly community. The film gives audiences a chance to meet key figures in the development of Riot Grrrl and see for themselves how these women have changed the history of music and feminism forever.

First Person Feminine (series I) [Sound Recording]

Tape 1. Mabel Dove Danquah. Efua Theodora Sutherland -- Tape 2. Ama Ata Aidoo. Flora Nwapa -- Tape 3. Barbara Kimenye. Grace Ogot -- Tape 4. Olive Schreiner. Doris Lessing -- Tape 5. Nadine Gordimer -- Tape 6. Miriam Tlali. Bessie Head -- Tape 7. Assia Djebar. Fadhma Amrouche -- Tape 8. Marguerite Taos-Amrouche -- Tape 9. Marguerite Taos-Amrouche. Andree Chedid -- Tape 10. Leyla Erbil. Hualing Nieh. -- Tape 11. Hualing Nieh. Punyakante Wijenaike -- Tape 12. Suvimalee Gunaratna. Chitra Fernando -- Tape 13. Ethel Rovere. Christine Craig. Duration: Each program is approx. 30 min. in length.

First Person Feminine (series II) [Sound Recording]

Tape 1. Program 1: Evelyne Accad interview. Program 2: Evelyne Accad "In between", pt. 1 -- Tape 2. Program 3: Evelyne Accad "In between", pt. 2. Program 4: Andree Chedid commentary and discussion -- Tape 3. Program 5: Andree Chedid "Mort au ralenti". Program 6: Latifa el-Zayat -- Tape 4. Program 7: Laila Baalabaki. Program 8: Sahar Khalifeh -- Tape 5. Program 9: Sahar Khalifeh. Program 10: Houaria Kadra -- Tape 6. Program 11: Selected modern Arab women poets and critics. Program 12: Soraya Noland interview --Tape 7. Program 13: Leyla Erbil. Program 14: Isabelle Eberhardt --Tape 8.

From the Heart

This film explores twentieth-century art by women, focusing on nine of the thirteen artists whose works compose the Gihon art collection: Works by Women. The artists provide the dialogue, about artistic techniques employed, family background, philosophy of art, self-criticism, and success. 1998. 57 min.

Guerrillas in Our Midst

Gallery owners comment on the actions of a group of anonymous women artists who call themselves the Guerrilla Girls. Also interviewed are members of the Guerrilla Girls, who, dressed in gorrilla masks, work to promote greater representation of women and minority artists in art exhibitions. A film by Amy Harrison. 1992. 35 min.

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