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Western & Northern European History & Politics

Crusades: Pilgrims in arms.

In this segment historians and theologians discuss the roots of the First Crusade as a political exercise, initiated by Pope Urban II to solidify his political power in the East. 50 min. Series host: Terry Jones; History Channel host: Roger Mudd. 1995. 50 min.


Re-creates the 1746 Battle of Culloden between the rebellious highland Scottish forces of Bonnie Prince Charles and the regular British Army sent to Scotland to put down the rebellion. Based on an historical study by John Prabble. Directed by Peter Watkins. 1967. 76 min.

Culture Makes Communities.

Six projects from the North of England are featured here demonstrating how arts projects can lead to a significant energising of communities, either directly, or indirectly through their impact on individuals. 2000. 20 min.

Death in the Seine (1988)

From April, 1795 to September, 1801, three hundred and six bodies were taken from the River Seine in Paris where they were cared for by two mortuary attendants who methodically noted down the particulars of each corpse. With information later provided by witnesses, it became possible to speculate upon the lives and manner of death of the decedents - a subject all the more intriguing since all of those taken from the Seine had witnessed the French Revolution. Directed by Peter Greenaway. c1994. 44 min.

Demanding the Vote: the Pankhursts and British Suffrage

Looks at the life and work of Emmeline Pankhurst and her two daughters, activists and leaders of the British suffragette movement. Although widely criticised for her militant tactics, Emmeline Pankhurst's leadership is recognised as a crucial element in achieving women's suffrage in Britain. Includes archival film footage and commentary by authors and academics. Produced by Adam Sternberg; written by Lisa Clark and Adam Sternberg. Supplementary feature accompanying: The Adventures of young Indiana Jones. 30 min.


Examines the social and political turmoil in Spain surrounding the Spanish legislative elections on March 14 and the terrorist bombings of March 11, 2004. 2004. 33 min.

Deutschland 09: 13 kurze Filme zur Lage der Nation

A compilation of thirteen short films-- including documentary, drama and satire-- by contemporary German filmmakers. Each film provides a snapshot of the political and social climate in post-reunification Germany.

Die Deutschen

An overview of German history, focusing on the lives of major historical figures from Otto the Great in the 10th century to Wilhelm II and Philipp Scheidemann in 1918. Contents: 1. Otto und das Reich -- 2. Heinrich und der Papst -- 3. Barbarossa und der Lowe -- 4. Luther und die Nation -- 5. Wallenstein und der Krieg -- 6. Preussens Friedrich und die Kaiserin -- 7. Napoleon und die Deutschen -- 8. Robert Blum und die Revolution -- 9. Bismarck und das Deutsche Reich -- 10. Wilhelm und die Welt. In German without English subtitles.

Die Macht der Gefuhle & Serpentine Gallery Program (1961-2005)

One Feature film, a compilation of 6 German television programs and five short films created by the noted German producer and director Alexander Kluge. Disc 1. Das todliche Dreieck (1 min.), 2006 -- Die Macht der Gefuhle = The Power of Emotion (112 min.), 1983 -- Feuerloscher E. A. Winterstein = E. A. Winterstein, Fire Extinguisher (11 min.), 1968 -- Disc 2.

Die Weimarer Klassik: Das Land der Griechen mit der Seele suchend.

The film seeks to introduce the literary history of Weimar, the city of Goethe and Schiller, through the medium of two contemporary young people, one a German student working as a guide, and a Brasilian student visitor, who wanders among the historic sites of this city. Excerpts from Goethe's 'Faust' and Schiller's 'Wallenstein' are shown as well. In German. 1995. 30 min.