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Western & Northern European History & Politics

Albert Kahn's Archive of the Planet

A peace-loving man with a decidedly global perspective, Albert Kahn spent most of his life and wealth trying to expand Western understanding of other cultures -- largely through film and photography. Originally released in 2007 as a series for BBC television. Dist.: Films Media Group.

American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land

America is home to one million Gypsies, or Rom, whose rich culture has long been mysterious to outsiders. A flamboyant Romani leader -- defying widely held stereotypes and his own people's code of secrecy -- invites the viewer into this world when it comes under treat. He leads us through the history of his people through civil rights courts, Las Vegas casinos and beyond. Written, produced and directed by Jasmine Dellal. 1999. 80 min. ;

As armas e o povo

Coverage of demonstrations and addresses by politicians during the April, 1974 revolution in Portugal. Features interviews with people in the streets during the revolution. In Portuguese. PAL format. 77 min.

Auslander Raus!: Schlingensiefs Container

An insightful, funny chronicle and reflection on one of the biggest public pranks and acts of art terrorism ever committed steming from German director Christoph Schlingensief's reaction to the success of Austria's extreme right-wing Freedom Party (FPO) in the 2000 election. Realising public xenophobia and the new hate politics, he installed a public concentration camp right in the middle of Vienna's tourist area with surveillance cameras streaming the asylum seekers' lives onto the internet, with the least popular deported each night of the week. In German without subtitles. 2000.

Aventuras do Espirito

Episodio 1: Com perfume e com veneno / Alamo Oliveira -- Episodio 2: O principe dos regressos / Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto -- Episodio 3: Marinheiro com residencia fixa / Urbano Bettencourt. Three part documentary on the life and work of three Azorean writers, Alamo de Oliveira, Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto and Urbano Bettencourt. Includes biographical sketches, commentary by the authors and their contemporaries, with dramatic readings from their works. Originally presented as segments on a television series. In Portuguese. 2005.

Azores - Museum Itenary

A visit to eight regional museums throughout the Azores highlighting the historical, artistic and ethnographic heritage or the region. 1997. 60 min.

Azores, 9 Islands: An Intimate Journey (Acores, 9 ilhas: uma viagem intima)

Recounts travels through the 9 islands of the Azores by a television reporter about 20 years ago with emphasis on the pristine beauty of the islands. 2007. 56 min.

Barcelona in 48 Hours

A film composed of a collection of black and white still photographs, taken over a period of 48 hours in Barcelona. The film is both an impressionistic portrait of a contemporary dance artist and a meditation on movement of the body, through dancing and traveling. The raw material of hundreds and hundreds of photographs was edited to create a story and dream-like movement. Performed by David Zambrano and Mat Woorter, with appearances by Dietmar Diesner, Pepe Ferrer, Simone Forti, Jennifer Monson, Alex Rendon, Judith Sanchez. A film by Anja Hitzenberger and Edward Ratliff.


Overview of the cultural heritage, monuments, history, folk art and handicrafts of the municipality of Barcelos, Portugal. 2002. 18 min. ;

Basque Ball

This thought-provoking documentary explores the unique language and long-held traditions of the mythical land of the Basques, and details the regions intricate and painful political reality. A Julio Medem film. c2003. 107 min.