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The West

"No Perfect Answers": The Life and Architecture of Pietro Belluschi.

Provides a visual tour of Belluschi's early homes and churchs; simple, modern designs that define the unique architectural style of the Pacific Northwest. Rich with comments from Belluschi himself, the film also features interviews with a number of noted architects, including I.M. Pei and Philip Johnson. It also explores the architecture of the Equitable Building, New York's Lincoln Center, the controversial Pan Am Building and Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. 1996. 60 min.

A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range

A documentary on the lives of cattle ranchers in California and Nevada who graze cattle on publicly owned lands. Also details the threat posed by government agencies and environmental and recreational groups to the ranchers' continuing use of the land. 1983. 29 min. NRLF #: B 3 969 300

A Question of Power

Documentary on the history of the nuclear power controversy and the antinuclear movement focusing on the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant in California and anti-nuclear demonstrators such as the Sierra Club and Mothers for Peace and their views and suggestions for alternative sources of energy. Produced by David L. Brown, Jane Kinzler and Tom Anderson. 1986. 58 min.

Amazing: The Rebuilding of the MacArthur Maze

Documents the rebuilding of a key connector in MacArthur Maze Freeway near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the perspectives of all the main players. Includes a wide variety of news and archival footage of the entire 26-day process beginning with the fire that melted and collapsed the structure and an animated depiction of the gasoline tanker truck which overturned and created the fireball. Producer, director, David L. Brown ; editors, David L. Brown, Steven Baigel. 2007.

Ancestors in the Americas: Chinese in the Frontier West, an American Story.

A film by Loni Ding. Chronicles the arrival of the Chinese during the 1850s to 1880s in California during the Gold Rush period and their subsequent settlement in the Western states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. Includes the history of their labor, community building and activism for justice and equality in the courts of mid-19th century America. 1998. 60 min. ;

Ancestors in the Americas: Coolies, Sailors, Settlers

A film by Loni Ding. The untold story of how Asians--Filipino, Chinese, Asian Indian--first arrived in the Americas. Film crosses centuries and oceans from the 16th century Manila-Acapulco trade, to the Opium War, to the 19th century plantation coolie labor in South America and the Caribbean. 1996. 62 min. (Director's cut; revised edition, 2000) ; (earlier version of this video: . 1996. 64 min.)
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Arsenal of Democracy (The Great Depression; 7)

By 1939 Americans were still struggling to end the Great Depression. Their dreams of peace and prosperity were celebrated at World's Fairs in New York and San Francisco, but prosperity did not come in peacetime. Millions fled the "dust bowl" states to finally find work in new defense industries. While the New Deal changed America forever, it was war that ended the Great Depression. 1993. 60 min. [preservation copy]

As Long as the Rivers Run

Traces the struggle of the American Indians of the Northwest to maintain their fishing rights and way of life, with particular reference to the Nisqually Indians of Frank's Landing in Washington. Points out that this struggle is part of a larger movement for Indian self-determination in California and the Northwest, including the formation of fishing cooperatives to gain economic independence. Also includes footage of the takeover of Alcatraz. Originally released as 16mm. motion picture by American Documentary Films in 1971. Filmed between autumn 1968 and winter 1970. 62 min.

Beautiful Simplicity: Arts & Crafts Architecture in Southern California

At the turn of the 20th century, Southern California was fertile ground for the Arts & Crafts Movement, which called for simple living, closeness to nature, the unification of art and craft, and regionally appropriate forms of architecture. Architects: Charles and Henry Greene, Irving Gill, Arthur Benton, Sumner Hunt, Frederick Roehrig, Louis B. Easton, Sylvanus Marston, Arthur and Alfred Heineman, Frank Mead, and Richard Requa. Written, produced and directed by Paul Bockhorst. c2008. 86 min.

Birth of an Icon: Frank Gehry's Disney Hall.

Construction of Disney Hall, the new home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra is finally completed. Architect Frank Gehry comments on how he designed the concert hall using 3-D computer modeling, while the Philharmonic's executive director and two musicians extol the virtures of master acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota's efforts. Sounding a dissonant note is urban planning critic, Sam Hall Kaplan, who calls L.A.'s new signature civic icon an elitist misuse of money better spent on numerous smaller renewal projects. c2004. 11 min.