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Teaching at UC Berkeley

Bears in the Library: Cal Students Talk About Research

Undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley discuss how they approach library research, their initial impressions of the campus libraries, the impact that library research instruction has had on their ability to locate and evaluate relevant scholarly resources and the transformative impact that independent research can have on the large lecture course format and on their experience of education. 12 min.

Developing the Next Generation of Mathematicians.

Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America, c1991.
Uri Treisman deescribes his work at the University of California, Berkeley which has led to increases in the academic performance and persistence of African-American, Hispanic, and other underrepresented minority students in freshman calculus. Film describes the origin and evolution of programs which draw students into mathematics and enables them to excel. c1991. 43 min.

Innovative Teaching.

Berkeley, CA: University of California, Berkeley, Office of Educational Development, 1992.
Three prize winning college instructors comment upontheir educational philosophies and demonstrate the innovative techniques which they use to excite and motivate their students. Featuring: Steve Tollefson, Cherie Semans, Donald Bain, Gennaro Padilla, Alfred Arteaga.

Lighting the Fire: Berkeley Students, Faculty and Librarians on Research

Commentary: Kristin Luker, Lynn Jones, Joseph Scalice, Mollie Caselli, Galen Cranz, Anthony Bliss, Gary Handman, Mary Ann Mahoney, Diane Fortner, Jim Church, Suzanne Calpestri, Milt Ternberg, John Roberts, Phoebe Janes, Carlos Delgado, Alexandra "Sasha" Doppelt. An investigation of research methodologies and philosophies presented by undergraduate students, faculty and librarians at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugliest of Graduate Student Instructing.

Berkeley, CA: University of California, Berkeley, Office of Media Services, [199-?].
Dramatization of successful and unsuccessful encounters between teaching assistants and students in classroom sections and during office hours. Produced by students of the Mechanical Engineering 301 course (at the University of California, Berkeley) under supervision of Dr. David A. Dornfeld, Dr. Patrick J. Pagni, Rachel T. Honjo.