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South Asia Studies

A Dream in Doubt

After several of his friends and family members become victims of hate crimes in the weeks after 9/11, Sikh immigrant Rana Singh Sodhi attempts to organize and educate his community in hopes of preventing further violence. Director/producer, Tami R. Yeager. 2007. 56 min.
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A Migrant's Heart (Human geography, people places and change ; 8)

An English actor who's parents came from India and then migrated to East Africa and finally England returns to visit New Delhi, India, to seek his roots, and to work through ethnic identity problems which can result when one is caught between two worlds. 1996. 27 min.

A Nice Arrangement

Set in the London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter's wedding, Menna, the young bride, changes into her traditional bridal gear with the help of her divorced friend, Sita. Together, the women discuss Indian marriage customs and why they chose to marry the "perfect" cultural choice for their parents. 11 min.
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Acting Our Age

With the assistance of the filmmaker, residents of London residing in a home for South Asian elderly, shoot their own video. They interview a wide range of subjects...from people on the street to members of Parliament. This spirited video reveals generational attitudes, cross-cultural values, and everyday problems faced by older, often neglected British citizens. Producer, Deanne Edwards ; director, Gurinder Chadha. 29 min.
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All Dressed in White

Documentary on weddings in three generations of a Catholic family originally from India and now living in California. Focuses on the brides attempt to reconcile traditional Indian, Catholic and American values in her choice of wedding dress. A film by Ligia Giese and Margaret Dubin. Produced in the Anthropological Film Program, University of California, Berkeley, 1993, through the facilities of the Office of Media Services. 1993. 19 min.


Interviews with East Indians living in the United States and with Americans of East Indian descent are intercut with fictional exchanges between members of an Indian-American family. 39 min.

Bollywood Bound: Finding Fame and Identity in India's Filmmaking Capital

For some children of Canadian East-Indian immigrants, the land of milk and honey that their parents sought is not North America, it is Bombay, home to the Hindi film and television industry known as Bollywood. This fascinating program follows four aspiring stars as they return to their parents' country to encounter not only the challenges of casting calls and rehearsals but the feeling of being an outsider in their own native culture.

Bolo Bolo

Through interviews, interspersed with images of gay sexual encounters, film explores responses to the AIDS crisis by members of the South Asian community of Toronto, Canada. 30 min.

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Calcutta Calling

A white luxury tour bus squeezes its way through a narrow Calcutta alleyway, child beggars clawing at its windows. The kids inside the bus look like Indian children, but for their walkmans, hip hugger jeans, and white American parents. They're separated from the children on the street by a thin window, and a stroke of luck. Adopted from Calcutta and raised in rural, Swedish-Lutheran Minnesota, these girls and their adoptive parents are visiting the girls country of birth for the first time.

Chutney in Yuh Soca: A Multicultural Mix

Chutney in Yuh Soca: a film showing the interaction of the East Indian and African populations of Trinidad and Tobago through the popular music "Chutney" which is an combination of Indian folk tunes with the tempo and spice of the Caribbean. The Gospel Truth: A Black family in Great Britain reaffirms their values and family cohesiveness through the singing of gospel music. Songs For Our Daughters: West Indian women in Britain discuss the way they pass their heritage and culture on to their mixed race daughters. 1996. 37 min.