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South America

The Spirit of TV.

Shows how the Waiapi, a small and recently contacted Tupi-speaking group in far northern Brazil, have used videos to document their own cultural practices, to discover the existence of other Tupi-speaking groups they had not known about, and to receive the experience of other indigenous groups that have confronted common problems such as land rights. In Tupi and Portuguese with English subtitles. 1990. 18 min.

The Take

Explores how Argentina's 2001 economic collapse, where a prosperous middle-class economy was destroyed during 10 years of IMF policies, impacted the lives of ordinary workers. Follows thirty unemployed auto-parts workers in Buenos Aires, who stage a protest against their bosses and economic globalization by occupying their closed factory and refusing to leave. Directed by Avi Lewis. 2004. 87 min.
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The White Diamond

Filmmaker Werner Herzog follows enigmatic airship engineer Dr. Graham Dorrington as he embarks on a trip in the heart of Guyana to test his new helium-filled invention above the rainforest. 2005. 90 min.

The Yidishe Gauchos

Tells of Jews escaping persecution and pogroms in late nineteenth-century Eastern Europe to settle in the Pampas of Argentina. Includes oral histories, archival footage, and interviews with scholars. Written and directed by Mark Freeman. SF International Latino Film Festival Collection. 28 min.

This is Not Your Life (South Series).

Tells the story of a Brazilian woman, Noeli Cavalheiro, randomly chosen by the director to tell her story of growing up in Brazil. 1991. 15 min.
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Threads of Hope

This powerful documentary tells the story of a group of Chilean women who banded together in silent protest and dared to defy a dictatorship. They are the sisters, mothers and wives of Pinochet's 'disappeared' and, armed with scraps of cloth, sewing needles and the overwhelming desire to find their loved ones, they set to work telling their stories by creating arpilleras: colourful handmade tapestries that chronicled the horror and injustice of Chile's reign of terror. Dist.: Films Media Group. c1996. 50 min.

Ticket to Development.

Examines several projects taking place in the ever-increasing exchange of technical expertise among developing countries. Projects shown are in Costa Rica, Kenya and India. 1990. 26 min.

Timerman, the News from Argentina.

Looks at what freedom of the press means in Argentina as host Hodding Carter returns with Jacobo Timerman to that country where Timerman was imprisoned by the military regimes. 1984? 30 min.

Titicaca: Puma de Piedra

Situated in the Southern Andes, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and the site of some of the oldest civilizations in South America. This documentary travels under the waters of Lake Titicaca and through the lake basin, visiting the prehistory, natural environment and peoples of the region. In Spanish. 1996. 154 min.