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South America

The Devil's Miner

The story of 14 year-old Basilio Vargas and his 12 year-old brother Bernardino as they work in the Bolivian silver mines of Cerro Rico (Potosi). Abandoning their Catholic beliefs, Cerro Rico miners believe that Satan, as represented by hundreds of statues constructed in the mines, determines whether they live or die there. A film by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani. 2005. 82 min. AwardsAmerican Library Association Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults

The Disappeared (Desaparecido

Relives the horrors of Argentina's Dirty War (1976-1983) through the experience of Horacio Pietragalla (aka Cesar Castillo), a young man raised by the maid of the officer who kidnapped him after the murder of his parents by the military. The film follows Horacio as he reconstructs the cause for which his real parents gave their lives, and, through this search, reclaims his true identity. The film personalizes the tragedy that ravaged the country for seven years and exposes polarized views on state-driven terrorism in groundbreaking interviews with top officials and military figures.

The Evolution of Chile: Prosperity for Some

In 25 years, Chile has gone from a Marxist state to a dictatorship to a democracy. The transition has strengthened Chile's economy, but not all Chilean citizens have shared in the prosperity. As divisions between rich and poor widen, critics question whether democratic capitalism is the right solution. Using Chile as a case study, this program examines how Chile and other Third World nations are riding the tidal wave of post-Cold War economic reforms. c1998. 29 min.

The Fall of Fujimori

Explores the volatile events that defined Alberto Fujimori's decade-long reign of Peru: his meteoric rise from the son of poor Japanese immigrants to the presidency; his fateful relationship with the shadowy and Machiavellian Vladimiro Montesinos; his self-coup that dissolved overnight both Congress and the Judiciary; and the bloody and dramatic Japanese Embassy hostage crisis. Produced and directed by Ellen Perry. 2006. 84 min.

The Feast

Examines the first stages of alliance formation between two mutually hostile Yanomamo Indian villages in southern Venezuela and northern Brazil. Describes in detail the preparations for a feast involving the inhabitants of the villages and presents scenes of chanting, dancing, and trading at the feast. Producers, Timothy Asch, Napoleon Chagnon. 1970. 29 min.

The Fires of the Amazon

More than a decade after his series "The Decade of Destruction", Adrian Cowell returns to Amazonia and finds that many friends and collegues of Chico Mendes are in power. There have been some notable gains for the rubber-tappers, including the establishment of the forest preserves, literacy for their children, and higher prices for their certified lumber. But year after year, the deforestation by fire continues. Less than 1/3 of Amazonia is protected in a park or preserve. Roads are being built, and agriculture is moving into southern Amazonia. Directed by Adrian Cowell. 44 min. 2002?

The Forbidden Land

Examines the struggle between the progressive Catholic Church in Brazil which is attempting to defend the rights of the landless peasants, and the Vatican, which is attempting to silence prominent Brazilian priests and bishops . 1989. 58 min.

The Frustrated Colossus: From Peron to the Present

In 1945 Argentina was one of the ten richest countries in the world. Juan Peron was in power and promised that he would help Argentina fulfill its destiny, but only succeeded in dividing more than uniting the nation. By 1975 Argentina had been torn by five years of internal strife during which the youth of the country opposed the military government in power. 1985. 29 min.

The House of Life (Ile aiye).

Explores the ways in which Candomble, the African spirit cult of the Bahia region of Brazil, has influenced the daily life and culture of the people of Brazil in their music, art, religion, theater, food, dance and poetry. The rhythms of the sacred drums and bells, a dance of spiritual ecstasy, offerings and sacrifices, divination and the visitation of the Orishas (deities) through trance are all part of the color and life of Candomble. Includes ritual music recorded during ceremonies. A film by David Byrne. 1989. 51 min.

The Incas.

Chronicles the Inca civilization and how it was built up into one of the best run civilizations ever. Also explores how current archaeologists are attempting to better understand the inner workings of the impressive civilization. 1988. 60 min.