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San Francisco & The Bay Area

1906, A City Remembers

A special TV presentation commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco. Survivors of the "Great quake" all in their hundreds, share their vivid memories of the terrifying morning of April 18th, 1906. Highlights include archival footage of the destruction caused by the quake, rebuilding efforts and the resilence of the people.

41 Days: An Unfinished Documentary Film

The title refers to the 41 day "power outage" in Berkeley, California during the time that city's voter approved ban on electroshock was in effect. The film documents the earlier days of the movement for human rights and against psychiatric oppression, and includes interviews with activists and footage from demonstrations. Produced, directed, edited and narrated by Richard Cohen. 1998. 52 min.

A Day in San Francisco.

An impressionistic documentary that traces the adventures and misadventures of three Korean students in San Francisco. Produced by students enrolled in Film 28A (Introduction to documentary film) in Spring 2005, at the University of California, Berkeley, Film Studies Program. 16 min.

A Day on the Bay.

Documentary on Italian fishermen immigrants from Riva Trigoso, Italy and their descendants in Santa Cruz, Calif. 1987. 27 min.

A Home on the Range: The Jewish Chicken Ranchers of Petaluma.

This quintessentially American story of immigrants tells how a group of Eastern European Jews founded the chicken industry in Petaluma, California. Meet this idealistic and intrepid group through the reminiscences of their descendants, as they confronted obstacles of language and culture in their journey towards becoming Americans. Produced, directed and edited by Bonnie Burt and Judy Montell. 52 min.

A Lot in Common.

Neighbors discover they have a lot in common when together they turn a vacant lot into a community garden in Berkeley, California. Landscape architect/psychologist Karl Linn who envisioned and orchestrated the creation of the gardens, explains how a commons is being created in the process. c2003. 77 min.

web web sites: Description from Bullfrog Films catalog

A Portrait Harry Bridges.

Biographical overview of the life and struggles of the union organizer, Harry Bridges.

A.k.a. Don Bonus

This documentary is a self-portrait of a young Cambodian immigrant growing up in America today. Shot by Sokly Ny himself, it shows his struggles to graduate and survive his complicated life during his senior year of high school. Produced by Spencer Nakasako. 55 min.

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Alcatraz Is Not an Island

This program tells the story of the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay which began in 1969 and lasted 19 months. The documentary interweaves archival footage and contemporary commentary to examine how this historic event altered American government Indian policy and programs, and how it forever changed the way Native Americans viewed themselves, their culture and their sovereign rights. c2002. 58 min.

Alcatraz, 30th Anniversary Celebration

Introduction / Adam Fortunate Eagle -- Pomo Dancers and singers / Pat Lincoln, Doug Duncan, Lanny Pinola -- Opening commentary / Millie Ketchesawno, Richard Moves Camp -- Honor song for Alcatraz warriors / All Nations Northern Drum -- Guest speakers and speeches by veterans of the Alcatraz occupation / Dennis Banks, Dennis Jennings, Arigon Starr, John Whitefox, Tolo, Shashine Little Feather, Charlie Hill, Floyd Red Crow Westerman -- Music by Ulali.