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American Photography, A Century of Images: Photography Transformed, 1960-1999

Photography becomes a powerful tool for political and social change as elections become engineered by the camera and the Civil Rights movement is brought to the American public. Apollo 8 sends the first photos of the whole earth even while uncensorsed photos are shown daily of the Vietnam War, but 2 decades later censorship of the Gulf War is once again practiced. The film concludes by asking how historic photos can be preserved when they are deleted to save hard drive space.

American Photography, A Century of Images: The Developing Image, 1900-1934

Covers the development and beginning definitions of artistic photography, the advent of photojournalism, time motion studies on film, government censorship of war photos during WWI, the development of the first tabloids, print advertising, and the use of pictures to create "stars" like Valentio and Babe Ruth. An episode from a 3 part video series covering the whole range of photography in the United States during the 20th century. Dist.: PBS. 1999. 60 min.

American Photography, A Century of Images: The Photographic Age, 1935-1959

The impact of wirephotos on newspapers, the Hindenburgh disaster documented in photos, the advent of the photo essay as exemplified by Life Magazine, the documentation of the Dust Bowl by Roy Stryker of the Farm Security Administration, Ansel Adams develops landscape photography, war photojournalists bring World War II home to the American public and personal home photography becomes the rage. An episode from a 3 part video series covering the whole range of photography in the United States during the 20th century. Dist.: PBS. 1999. 60 min.

Artists in the Lab. (Nova)

A program on the use of computers in the arts. 1991. 60 min.

Conceptual Photography (La photographie conceptuelle)

John Baldessari -- Bernd & Hilla Becher -- Christian Boltanski -- Alain Fleischer -- John Hilliard -- Roni Horn -- Martin Parr -- Georges Rousse -- Thomas Struth -- Wolfgang Tillmans. A collection of films examining ten contemporary photographers--their work, their points-of-view, their secrets of creation. 2004. 130 min.

Dalda 13: A Portrait of Homai Vyarawalla

Profiles the life and work of retired Indian photographer Homai Vyarawalla. In a country where women are expected to be submissive, Mrs. Vyarawalla was toting a large camera on her sari draped shoulder, always pushing to where the action was. Her photographs documented the death of Gandhi, the visits of dignitaries such as Ho Chi Minh, Queen Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy. She gave up her career out of frustration when security restrictions governing female press photographers limited her access. In this film she shares her impressions of her work and the luminaries she photographed. 1995.

Digital Photography. Crafting Digital Images

Includes four bonus files in PDF and Word formats: teacher's guide, shooting tip list, key concept list, quick quiz-answer key. Introduction -- The camera (review) -- Properties of photographic light -- Exposure control -- Photographic design -- Critiquing images -- Visual themes -- Visual subjects -- Shooting accessories -- The gift of digital photography. Teaches the fundamentals of the 'art and craft' of making, not taking, digital images. Includes 32 key photographic concepts and 56 specific digital shooting tips. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2003.

Digital Photography. The Camera

Introduction -- F-stops & shutter speeds -- Digital history -- How digital works -- Choosing a digital camera -- Using your digital camera -- Files & memory -- Using light -- Digital photo lenses -- Depth of field -- When to use digital -- Exposure control -- Your digital images -- Digital pathways. Digital photography is changing the way photographers create images with a new sense of imagination. This introductory educational film presents the fundamentals of the digital camera. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2003. 85 min.

Digital Photography. The Darkroom

Introduction -- Computers -- Digital pathways -- Scanning images -- Image resolution -- Darkroom software -- Using darkroom software -- Printers, paper & ink -- Working with image files -- The finishing room. The starting point for learning the fundamentals of digital image manipulation. Starts with photo input to creation and correction to output and storage. Includes key concepts list, digital darkroom glossary, and quick quiz. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2004. 100 min.

Eadweard Muybridge: Motion Studies.

Eadweard Muybridge was one of the most preeminent and innovative photographers of his day. This computer interactive software contains over 900 plates from his pioneering photographic studies of movement. Includes hypertext computer software which allows animation of images and navigation of textual and graphic database. 1990. 30 min.