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Pacific Islanders in the United States

A Grave Matter

Film reviews the struggle by native Hawaiians to recover the remains of their ancestors which have been stored in the Hearst Museum at the University of California, Berkeley. Contrasting opinions of museum officials, archeologists and native Hawaiians are explored. 30 min.

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Cut Sleeve: Lesbians & Gays of Asia/Pacific Ancestry

A video documentary providing positive role models for young lesbians & gay Asians/Pacific Islanders coming to terms with sexual orientation and ethnic identity within the broader society. 24 min.

Issei Wahine= First Generation Women

Film examines labor and family history of Koma Kokubun, who immigrated from Japan to the Hawaiian Islands to work in the cane fields over seventy years ago. As a laborer during the Sugar Era in plantation Hawaii, her story is told through "talk stories" told to her granddaughter, archival photos, silent plantation footage and personal fotos. Includes Hole-hole bushi, Japanese plantation work songs, and Hapa-haole, Hawaiian music. 23 min.

Just a Love Thang

Three sensual vignettes portraying aspects of Asian Pacific lesbian lifestyles and concerns. 7 min.
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Lost In Paradise: Native Hawaiians

In the first segment "homesteads" and their impact on native Hawaiian culture and heritage, and the struggle to preserve what land remains are examined through segments from the film Papakolea: a story of Hawaiian land. 27 min. Segment from the television program Rights & wrongs broadcast August 18, 1993.

My Crasy Life

Documentary and scripted drama meet in this intense, introspective, and expectation-shredding treatment of the lives of Samoan street gang members in Long Beach. The young samoan gang-members reveal some of the realities of the Pacific Islander diaspora. While being Samoan remains an important part of these Islanders' identity, their experience of urban American life is far removed both from their grandparents lives in the Samoan islands and the dominant myth of the Samoan paradise. Based on the research of Daniel Marks. Director, Jean-Pierre Gorin. 1992. 98 min.

Noho hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai'i

A contemporary look at Hawaiian people, politics and resistance in the face of the indigenous population's systematic erasure under U.S. laws, economy, militarism, and real estate speculation. Director, editor, Anne Keala. 2009. 82 min.

Omai Fa'atasi: Samoa mo Samoa

A Samoan community group, Omai Fa'atasi, presents a view of the problems facing youth in the growing Los Angeles area Samoan community. 30 min.
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Out in Silence / Not a Simple Story

Presents two stories of Asian Pacific Americans, gay and straight, male and female who have gone public about being HIV positive. 37 min.


Profiles the language of Hawaii's working people in its rise from plantation jargon to a source of island identity and pride. Born on sugar plantations and spoken by more than half of Hawaii's population, Pidgin captures multi-ethnic Hawaii's heart and soul. Once again under attack by educators and bloggers, will Pidgin survive? directed by Marlene Booth. Dist.: New Day Films. 2009. 57 min.