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Mixed Race Studies

A Question of Color.

Examines the issue of color consciousness within the black community. This film explores a caste system based on how closely skin color, hair texture and facial features conform to a European ideal. A variety of African Americans give their experiences and attitudes towards the questions of color. 58 min. Description from California Newsreel catalog.
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After the Immigrant. Disc 2, Topics and Themes

A compilation of six short documentaries each with a variety of segments addressing issues in the overall theme of each film. Presents a unique mixed race persepective on the cultural shifts of people whose families moved from Mexico to the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries addressing a wide spectrum of issues and representations.


This documentary film consists of interviews in Vietnam and the U.S. with some of the more 100,000 children of U.S. soldiers born to Vietnamese mothers during the Vietnam War. Most of the Amerasians portrayed in the film have moved to the United States under the Amerasian homecoming act of 1987, which permitted the children of American soldiers to immigrate to the United States with their immediate relatives. They talk of the discrimination they experienced growing up in Vietnam, issues of identity and their struggles to adapt to American society. 1998. 52 min.

An American Love Story.

Documentary condensed from 1000 hours of filming the bi-racial Wilson Sims family: Karen Wilson, a white woman, Bill Sims, a black man, and their two daughters--daughter Cicily's entrance to college, her semester in Nigeria, and job search, daughter Chaney's first date, Karen Wilson's solitary visit to her mother, and ill health, Bill Simms' visit to his past life, and career struggles, and, 25 years after their first meeting, Karen and Bill's deciding to attend her high school reunion to face people who have ostracized them in the past. Contents: v. 1. Episode 1. Welcome to America.

Banana Split: 25 Stories.

In this film Kip Fulbeck focuses on biracial ethnicity exploration and Asian self-identity. He examines the relationship between his father who is Caucasian and his mother who is Asian and also explores ethnic patterns and media stereotypes of Asian American men. 37 min. ;

Between Worlds

This unique documentary explores the lives of several Vietnamese Amerasians (children of Vietnamese women and American servicemen) and their families who left Vietnam in 1992 through the Orderly Departure Program. Each of the families was sent to a refugee camp in the Philippines for 6 months of ESL and cultural orientation. The film details their experiences in the camp, and their arrival in different regions of this country.

Between: Living in the Hyphen

In Canada, diversity often means 'an ethnicity + a hyphen + Canadian,' but what if you ... don't fit into an obvious category? What if your background is a hybrid of ancestries and you live ... somewhere in between, where cultural identities overlap? This program shares the experiences of a group of Canadians with one parent from a European background and one from a visible minority, all struggling to find a satisfying frame of reference and cultural identity. Directed and written by Anne Marie Nakagawa. 2005. 45 min.


Interviews with East Indians living in the United States and with Americans of East Indian descent are intercut with fictional exchanges between members of an Indian-American family. 39 min.

Camp Arirang.

Filmmakers explore prostitution near American military bases in South Korea and examine the lives of the sex workers and their Amerasian children who live in U.S. camp towns throughout South Korea. Through interviews with the workers, soldiers and scholars the film examines the historical roots of the problem and the complicity of the Korean and American governments. 1995. 28 min.
web web sites: Center for Asian American Media catalog description

Children of Mixed Race = Who You Wanna Be. 1997.

A study of the various types of identities that interracial people have had to invent for themselves. Based on interviews with racially mixed students at the University of California, Berkeley, who speak about their perceptions of their own personal identities. An Ethnic Studies 150 Project by Sean Lightholder, UCB, 1997. 38 min.

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