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Mental Disability & Psychiatry in Film

301/302 (South Korea, 1995)

Directed by Chul-Soo Park. Cast: Eun-jin Bang and Sin-Hye Hwang. "Two women are neighbors in an apartment building: one is an obsessive professional cook (in room 301), the other an anorexic writer (room 302). A young policeman is investigating the disappearance of the woman from room 302. Through flashbacks, we learn the nature of the two women's relationship: the cook tries to cure her neighbor by preparing fabulous meals for her every night - only to have them left untouched." (from Screen Cuisine) 100 min.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Directed by Ron Howard. Cast: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Judd Hirsch, Josh Lucas, Anthony Rapp, Christopher Plummer. Based on true events this is the dramatic biography of John Nash, a mathematical genius, who made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey. After many years of struggle, he eventually triumphed over his schizophrenia, and finally, late in life, received the Nobel Prize. 135 min.

A Divina com•233;dia (Divine Comedy) (Portugal / France / Switzerland, 1991)

Directed by Manoel de Oliveira. Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Miguel Guilherme, Luis Miguel Cintra, Mario Viegas, Leonor Silveira, Diogo Doria, Paulo Matos, Jose Wallenstein, Ruy Furtado, Carlos Gomes, Maria Joao Pires. In this symbolic film, all of the inhabitants of a Portuguese mental asylum suffer from religious delusions of one kind or another -- even the cynic who denies the value of any religions at all. One couple re-enacts the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden, a woman plays at being St.

A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

Directed by John Cassavetes. Cast: Peter Falk, Gena Rowlands, Fred Draper, Matthew Cassel, Katherine Cassavetes, Lady Rowlands, Christina Grisanti. The story of a couple deeply in love, yet faced with the challenge of making their relationship work. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database Awards Academy Award - Best Director Golden Globe Awards - Best Motion Picture, Drama; Best Director Academy Award - Best DirectorReviews and articles: Degener, D.

A Zed & Two Noughts (UK, 1985)

Directed by Peter Greenaway. Cast: Andrea Ferreol, Eric Deacon, Brian Deacon, Frances Barber, Joss Ackland. Darkly comic story of twin zoologists who become obsessed with the search for life's meaning. When their wives are killed in a freak car accident, the brothers start an affair with the car's driver, Alba, who lost a leg in the accident. Throughout this affair, the two become fixated on the process of decay and begin an intense study on decomposition using animals from the zoo that leads to the ultimate experiment. 115 min.

American Psycho. (2000)

Directed by Mary Harron. Cast: Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto, Josh Lucas, Samantha Mathis, Matt Ross, Bill Sage, Chloe Sevigny, Cara Seymour, Justin Theroux, Guinevere Turner, Reese Witherspoon. A young, handsome man with a Harvard education, a stunning fiancee and success on Wall Street appears to have everything. But his circle of friends doesn't know his other side of terrible urges that take him in pursuit of women, greed, and murder. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. 101 min.

Angel at My Table (UK | Australia | New Zealand | USA, 1990)

Directed by Jane Campion. Cast: Kerry Fox, Alexia Keogh, Karen Fergusson, Iris Churn, Kevin J. Wilson. A dramatization of the true-life story of Janet Frame, New Zealand's most distinguished author. The film follows Frame along her inspiring journey, from a poverty-stricken childhood to a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia and electroshock therapy to, finally, literary fame.

Antwone Fisher (2002)

Director, Denzel Washington. Cast: Derek Luke, Joy Bryant, Denzel Washington, Salli Richardson, Earl Billings, Kevin Connolly, Viola Davis, Rainoldo Gooding. Guided by a determined Navy psychiatrist, a troubled sailor embarks on a personal, emotionally inspiring journey to confront his past and connect with the family he never knew. Inspired by the true life experiences of Antwone Fisher.

Aro Tolbukhin in the Mind of a Killer (Aro Tolbukhin en la mente del asesino) (Spain | Mexico, 2002)

Directed by Isaac-Pierre Racin, Agusti Villaronga, Lydia Zimmermann. Aro Tolbukhin is a Hungarian inmigrant that sets fire to seven people in an infirmary in Guatemala. The movie looks back at his life to see what made him do it, from his arrival in Guatemala to his childhood in Hungary. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 98 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Arsenic and Old Lace. (1944)

Directed by Frank Capra. Cast: Cary Grant, Raymond Massey, Jack Carson, Peter Lorre, Priscilla Lane, Edward Everett Horton, James Gleason, Josephine Hull, Jean Adair, John Alexander. An easy going drama critic discovers that his kind and gentle aunts, Abby and Martha, have a bizarre habit of poisoning gentlemen callers and burying them in the cellar. From the stage play by Joseph Kesselring. 120 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database