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Fear of Disclosure: the Psycho-Social Implications of HIV Revelation.

Musical video exploring the negative reaction of a potential gay lover to a man when he discloses his HIV-positive status. 1989. 25 min.

Female Closet

Combining rare footage and interviews this documentary surveys the art and lives of various closeted lesbian women artists from different segments of the 20th century: Victorian photographer Alice Austen, Weimar collagist Hannah Hoch, and present day painter Nicole Eisenman. Produced, directed and edited by Barbara Hammer. c1998. 59 min.

Final Solutions.

A Film by Jerry Tartaglia. This film examines teleculture's treatment of AIDS as a consumer image. c1990.

First Comes Love

Wedding preparations and ceremonies of three heterosexual couples, interspersed with written statements on which countries do not allow homosexual marriage, and also the statement that in 1990 Denmark was the first country to legalize homosexual marriage. Uses no spoken words, but instead the words and songs of Janis Joplin, the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt and others. A film by by Su Friedrich. 1991. 22 min.

Flag Wars

Filmed over a 4 year period, "Flag Wars" is a poignant account of the politics and pain of gentrification. It explores the effects on a long-established working-class black neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio when gay white professionals move into and begin to transform the area. The clashes expose prejudice and self-interest on both sides, as well as the common dream to have a home to call your own. Directed by Linda Goode Bryant; codirected by Laura Poitras Videocassette release of a documentary broadcast June 17, 2003 on PBS's Point of View television program. 90 min.

Flesh & Paper

Gillian Hanscombe and others discuss the life and work of Indian lesbian poet and writer Suniti Namjoshi. Includes readings of her poetry and interviews with the author. 1990. 26 min.
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Folklore of the Transgender Community in Tamil Nadu

Documentary on life cycle ceremonies of transgendered people in Tamil Nadu, India. 2007. 39 min.

Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.

Recounts the experiences of Canadian lesbian women in the 1950's and 1960's who sought romance in gay beer parlours and bars. Their stories are interwoven with a fictional love story and set against the tabloids and pulp novels of the time and illustrate the stereotypes and intolerance they faced. Directors/writers, Aerlyn Weissman, Lynn Fernie. 86 min. 1992.

Forever Bottom

A "pseudo-instructional" video that takes a humorous look at the stima attached to being on the receiving end in gay male sexual relationships. Frameline. c1999. 4 min.


Detective Lieutenant Laurel Hester spent 25 years investigating tough cases in Ocean County, New Jersey, protecting the rights of victims and putting her life on the line. She had no reason to expect that in the last year of her life, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, that her final battle for justice would be for the woman she loved. The film chronicles Laurel's struggle to transfer her earned pension to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree.