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Eve's Daughters

Five lesbian women share their struggles of living in a racist, sexist, and homophobic society. They return as refugees from spiritual exile, refusing to be victims any longer and call upon the church not only to repent of its homophobia, but to celebrate the spiritual gifts they have because they are lesbians. Produced & directed by Anne Macksoud, John Ankele. 1995

F**k the Disabled: The Suprising Adventures of Greg Walloch

Part documentary, part concert film and part traditional comedy starring New York stand-up comedian Greg Walloch. Politically incorrect and politically challenging, much of Greg's act is based on his being openly gay and disabled. Timely and witty, Walloch makes the viewer question the term "disabled," as he pokes fun at religion, society, his friends and himself. 2001. 83 min.

Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema

An overview of the history of gay and lesbian cinema, from Kenneth Anger's pioneering Fireworks (1947) to Ang Lee's Brokeback mountain (2005). Packed with interviews and an array of film clips from the genre, this documentary celebrates more than half a century of queer independent filmmaking. Special features: bonus interviews (Say your name and who you are, First gay film memories, Sex, Christine Vachon, Coming out). Produced and directed by Lisa Ades, Lesli Klainberg. c2005. 82 min.

Faith & Politics: The Christian Right.

Film reviews the goals, political aspirations and successes of the traditional, family-oriented Christian Right political movement. Examines their organizations and their views on such issues as abortion, homosexuality, creationisn, freedom of speech, school curriculum, home schooling and political activism. 1995. 47 min.

Fall From Grace.

The surreal and shocking world of the controversial cult leader Reverend Fred Phelps and his hate group. The group has staged over 22,000 picket demonstrations at locations ranging from college campuses to funerals for American soldiers, enraging many with slogans such as "Thank God for 9/11," "You're going to hell," and "God hates fags." Includes interviews and rare Phelps footage and allows viewers to reexamine the quintessentially American right of free speech. Directed, produced by K. Ryan Jones. 2008. 87 min.

Family Fundamentals

Arthur Dong interviews families where religiously conservative Christian parents oppose homosexuality despite having homosexual children. The film's many highlights include a Christian conference advocating reparative therapy to cure homosexuality, heated Congressional and television debates, and a fundamentalist support group for parents of gay children. 2002. 75 min.

Family Matters. (Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology; 15)

The traditional or nuclear family of the 1950s and 1960s is what most of us think of when asked to define "family." But the idea that there is a typical family is perhaps little more than a myth. This lesson considers the diversity of family forms that exist today and cultural shifts that are changing the definition of "family." You will meet the Scott-Chung family and a lesbian couple who discuss their decision to start a family. 2005. 27 min.

Family Values.

An intensely personal film documentomg lesbian videomaker Pam Walton's attempt to reconcile with her long estranged father. It is also her search for what "family" means to her. Told in the form of a video diary, it shows how the longing for parental acceptance can never be extinguished. 56 min. c1996.

Fast Trip, Long Drop.

Autobiographical documentary by Gregg Bordowitz chronicles his day to day life after testing positive for the HIV virus. With archival footage and an exuberant sound track film explores ethical and philosophical questions that the AIDS crisis provokes. c1993.

Fated to Be Queer

Four charming Filipino men illuminate some of their issues and concerns as gay people of color in the San Francisco Bay Area. Producer/director, Godfrey Reggio. 1992. 25 min.