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LGBTQA People of Color

Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin' Women

This tribute profiles the jazz trumpeter Ernestine"Tiny" Davis, and her lesbian partner of 40 years, drummer Ruby Lucas (aka Renee Phelan). Includes interviews with Tiny and Ruby in their Chicago home, archival material, lively musical performances, and narration by poet Cheryl Clarke. A film by Greta Schiller. c1988. 28 min.

Toc Storee

Film uses a storytelling format to explore issues of sexuality, tradition and identity in Asian gay contexts. 1992. 22 min.

Tongues Untied.

A Film by Marlon Riggs. Derogatory accusations, judgments, and jokes in our culture are met head-on by this video about black, male, and gay identity. Poetry, personal testimony, and drama unite to oppose the homophobia and racism that attempt to split a person into opposing loyalties. Dist.: Frameline. 1989. 55 min.

Tongzhi in Love

Explores the lives of gay men in China and the pressures they face because they are expected to produce children to carry on their family's name. Directed by Ruby Yang.

Two Spirits

Examines the role of two-spirit people in the Navajo culture in the context of the story of a gay youth named Fred Martinez. Martinez was a n?adleeh?i or a male-bodied person with a feminine essence, who was murdered in a hate crime at the age of sixteen. Discusses the traditional Native American perspective on gender and sexuality and the need for a balanced interrelationship between the feminine and masculine. Directed by Lydia Nibley. Dist.: Cinema Guild. 2009. 62 min. American Library Association Video Round Table: Notable Videos for Adults

Two-spirit People: The Berdache Tradition in Native American Culture

Examines the concepts of gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation in Native American cultures, focusing on the tradition of berdaches. Directed, and edited by Michel Beauchemin, Lori Levy, Gretchen Vogel. Dist.: Frameline. 1991. 20 min.

We Got Moves You Ain't Even Heard Of (Part One)

Directed by Erica Cho and Clover Paek. Cast: Clover Paek, Ji Sung Kim, Audrey Luke, Lynne Chan. Obsessed with 80's teen heartthrob Ralph Macchio (aka The Karate Kid), a gay Young Korean American takes a journey into Macchio's pin-up androgyny and Hollywood's all-American underdog fantasies. An experimental film commenting on sexual identity, butch/femme rolls, and Hollywood's orientalism. 1999. 11 min.