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LGBTQA People of Color

Just As We Are (Tal como somos)

Latino culture is celebrated for it's rich tradition, close-knit families, and strong faith, but being Latino and gay, bisexual, or transgender is often seen as unforgivable. This documentary examines the lives of six Latino GBT men and women, focusing on their relationships with their families as well as their culture, religion, and professional lives. Based on the book "Campaneros" by Jesus Ramirez-Valles. Directed and produced by Judith McCray. 2008. 33 min.

Khush Refugees

The film focuses on San Francisco's gay community where two exiles, Rahul, an immigrant from India, and Dante, an ex-marine from suburban Ohio, try to assimilate in this new foreign culture. 32 min.
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Interviews with South Asian lesbians and gay men in Britain, North America and India concerning the intricacies of being queer and of color. A film by Pratibha Parmar. 1991. 24 min. ;

Looking for Langston: A Meditation on Langston Hughes (1902-1907) and the Harlem Renaissance.

A tribute to Langston Hughes, this film attempts to reclaim him as an important black gay voice in American culture. Writer and director, Isaac Julien. With the poetry of Essex Hemphill and Bruce Nugent (1906-1987). A film by Isaac Julien.

Maybe Never (But I'm Counting the Days)

Maybe Never... is a tape about growing up queer and colored in the age of AIDS. A series of "I've never..." voice-overs articulate regrets, loss, longing, and desire for an (imagined) bygone time of romantic bliss and sexual plentitude. A film by Nguyen Tan Hoang 1996. 15 min.

Mexican Refugee

Five stories, told by LGBT Mexican refugees in Canada, reveal their struggle for social justice and attempts to humanize the lives of refugees. The film also shows the difficulties refugees face from government policies. Directed by Alex Flores. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2005. 37 min.

Milind Soman Made Me Gay

A conceptual documentary about desire and notions of 'home' and 'belonging'. The film employs a unique mix of visual elements along with voice over narration to juxtapose memories of the filmmaker's past against stories of three gay South Asian men living in the diaspora. Overshadowing these nostalgic explorations of life 'back home,' are harsh realities of homophobia and racism in America and an on-going struggle to find a place of belonging. Written, directed and produced by Harjant Gill. 2007. 27 min.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien.

Through music, poetry and quiet, at times, chilling self-disclosure, five sero-positive black gay men speak of their individual confrontation with AIDS, illuminating the difficult journey black men throughout America make in coping with the personal and social devastation of the epidemic.

Not a Simple Story [Out in Silence].

Presents two stories of Asian Pacific Americans, gay and straight, male and female who have gone public about being HIV positive. c1994. 37 min.


Directed by Richard Fung, looks at gay Asians in Toronto, Canada. More than a dozen gay men and lesbian women of different Asian backgrounds speak frankly about their lives as members of a minority within a minority. This group's commitment and outspokenness challenge the stereotype of passive Asians. 199?. 56 min.