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Landscape Architecture & the Environment

Ming Garden.

Shows the installation, by Chinese craftsmen, of a Ming-style garden in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These gardens have been constructed China for hundreds of years and are renowned for their unusual rock sculptures and their elegant architectural decorative elements. The techniques involved in the construction of these gardens are revealed in this film. 1983. 28 min.

Models Of Change In Parks And Recreation.

Film contains interviews with twenty-two individuals who have been successful in implementing change in their organizations. Discusses topics such as youth sports innovation, partnering, neighborhood revitalization, youth programming, qulaity of life improvement and reinventing government. 1993. 2
videocassettes, 112 min.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: Gardens In Conquest / New Perspectives.

Gardens of Conquest takes the viewer on a ravishing trek across Asia as it explores the garden as a symbol of power. Descended from Genghis Khan and the nomads of central Asia, the founders of the Mughal Empire awed the world with their gardens. Film traces the tradition to India's landscape where sparkling ornamental pools, fountains, and cascades dramatize stark political power. New Perspectives investigates the spectacular gardens and landscape of Italy. Wealthy families like the Medici transformed their country estates into glorious retreats.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: Glory And Grandeur / The Machine And The Garden.

Glory and Grandeur tells the story of gardens in France where the royal parks are remarkable examples of order and control. But applying geometry to nature had its price as 10,000 soldiers died trying to divert a river to power the fountains of Versailles. Designed to impress the world, these vast gardens ultimately cut the king off from his people. The Machine and the Garden examines the impact of the technological revolution of the 19th century on gardens. The lawn mower altered the shape of the garden, and plants imported from other countries encouraged new color schemes.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: Grounds For Change / The Genius Of The Place.

Grounds for Change examines the 20th century urge to recapture a bucolic past. As rural scenes give way to technological expansion, we create "wild" gardens in the middle of concrete jungles. Can the pastoral ideal re-created in suburbia, university campuses, and golf courses survive among highways, power stations and industrial plants?. The Genius of the Place: Wind, rain and sun have turned England into a paradise of gardens.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: Paradise On Earth / Ancient Spirits, China And Japan.

In Paradise on Earth the search for the perfect garden takes the viewer from a mountain corn patch in Mexico to the emperor's private park in Tokyo. Film explores Japan's Shinto shrines, the water lilies that inspired Monet in France, the regal avenues of Versailles and the majesty of nature's perfect garden, Yosemite. Ancient spirits, China and Japan examines the gardens of China which has the oldest garden tradition in the world.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: The Heritage Of Rome / Garlands In Repose.

The Heritage of Rome examines the legacy of the Roman garden. Ancient Egyptian gardens inspired Roman emperors to mold opulent gardens with fountains and mosaic walks. Rome's glorious tradition thrives today in regal English estates and in the park built at San Simeon by William Randolph Hearst. In search of nature's soothing and medicinal effects, Garlands of Repose journeys from a secluded Venetian island, to crowded Moroccan bazaars, to the breathtaking Spanish gardens left by the Moors. 1995. 50-60 min.

Nature Perfected: The Story Of The Garden: The Landscaping Of England / Moving On.

The Landscaping of England: The 16th century began a metamorphosis that would forever change the English landscape. With the increased popularity of classical Italian architecture came an appreciation for Italy's rolling countryside. Embracing a new humanistic vision, England's garden engineers replaced fences and fountains with gentle hills and streams. Moving On examines the early New England colonists who used gardens for "meate and medicine" only.

Naturescaping: A Landscape Alternative.

Explores natural lawn care, meadow gardens and wildlife habitats. Featured is a Potomac, Maryland couple who fought local weed ordinances to convert their lawn into a meadow. 1991. 29 min.

Oakland Earthquake Damage, 10/26/89

Depicts earthquake damage in the city of Oakland, California on October 26, 1989. Filmed on October 26, 1989. 32 min. [preservation copy];