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Immigration & The Mexico-US Border

9500 Liberty

Documents the first time in U.S. history that an Arizona-style immigration law was actually implemented--and the surprising grassroots position that led to its repeal. Racial tension and threats of violence erupt when Prince William County, Virginia adopts a law requiring the police to question people who appear to be undocumented immigrants. Despite fears of reprisal, a group of citizens launches a 'virtual resistance' using social media, setting up a final showdown with the law's advocates. Written and directed by Annabel Park & Eric Byler. 2009. 80 min.

Abandoned: The Betrayal of America's Immigrants

Looks at the most recent wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States and at the personal impact of new immigration laws, focusing on the severity of current detention and deportation policies. Legal residents find themselves torn away from their American families and sent to countries they barely know while political asylum seekers are kept for years in county jails that profit from their incarceration. Directed by David Belle and Nicholas Wrathall. 2000. 55 min. Online Access through LFLFC.

After the Immigrant.

A compilation of six short documentaries each with a variety of segments addressing issues in the overall theme of each film. Presents a unique mixed race persepective on the cultural shifts of people whose families moved from Mexico to the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries addressing a wide spectrum of issues and representations.

Algun Dia

Set during the Proposition 187 campaign in California, this film looks at the plight of undocumented Mexican families through the experiences of the Gonzalez family as they strive to overcome xenophobic injustices in their Los Angeles neighborhood where confusion abounds over the "immigrant problem." Producer, director, editor, Pepe Urquijo. 1999. 27 min.

America's Immigration Debate.

Examines the pro and con views of the American immigration debate. Studies the isolation of ethnic communities, the shifting of racial definitions, and America's lack of an infrastructure to support immigrant integration. 2005. 26 min.

Animaquiladora: The Animation Sweatshop

Contents: Dia de la independencia -- L.A. cucaracha -- Signs of the times -- Mysterious apparitions on tortillas -- Latinos on TV -- Why cybraceros. Latino political satire as presented in a collection of short animated films satirizing U.S.-Mexican relations. Films by Lalo Lopez & Alex Rivera. 1997. 10 min.

Ano Nuevo.

Describes the living and working conditions of undocumented Mexican agricultural workers at the Ano Nuevo flower ranch in San Mateo County, California. Documents the efforts of a group of these workers, fired when they attempted to join a union, to reach a settlement with the Ano Nuevo owner through the U.S. legal system. 1981. 55 min.


A gripping look at the daring escapes of seven Cubans and their families on homemade rafts in 1994 and their depressing U.S. destinations. The film presents Cuba in a negative but wistful light, a light that seems all the brighter when the battered Cubans begin their new lives as Americans. The little these people had in Cuba is eventually pined over when they must begin anew with nothing in the United States. 2002. 120 min.

Beyond the Border (Mas alla de la frontera)

Beyond the Border, with tenderness and beauty, follows the immigrant experience with Marcelo Ayala, who leaves his family on a risky journey to the United States. We begin to understand his decision to leave Mexico with the insights of his brothers, who before him, have each made the same journey. Rounds out the presentation with a look at the immigration's effect on their family in Michoacan, Mexico. Director/producer, Ari Luis Palos. c2001. 56 min.

Black & White in Exile

An in-depth documentary chronicling 30 years of Caribbean exile in the United States, focusing on Cuban and Haitian immigration and its impact on the host communities. The four main groups probed are Cuban exiles, Haitian exiles, resident whites and African Americans. Issues of equity are explored in terms of the government treatment of each group, the economic opportunities available, the political empowerment achieved and the inter-racial/cross-cultural hostilities, cooperation and ultimately, coalitions that developed.