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Human & Animal Origins & Evolution

Charles Darwin

Professor Richard M. Eakin of the Dept. of Zoology, University of California presents a lecture in which he impersonates Charles Darwin in the words, dress, and manner of his time. Tells of his epic voyage on the Beagle, observations of Galapagos finches that figured in his conclusions on organic evolution, and the writing of the books in which he outlined his theory of natural selection. c1973. 24 min.

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Charles Darwin: His Life and Relevance to Modern Biology

A special seminar celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin held at the University of California, Berkeley, February 12, 2009. Three biologists noted for their advanced studies of Darwin present lectures on different aspects of his life and work followed by questions from the audience. Contents: Charles Darwin on the Beagle / Jere H. Lipps (19 min.) -- Darwin and species / Brent Mishler (24 min.) -- Ten myths about Charles Darwin / Kevin Padian (14 min.) -- Post-seminar questions (13 min.)

Children of Eve (Nova)

Discusses the origin of the human species and natural selection. 58 min.

Creation vs. Evolution: Battle in the Classroom.

Examines the debate between religion's creation view and science's evolution view of man's beginnings. 58 min.

Darwin's Bulldog: T. H. Huxley and the Fight for Darwinism.

Presents a dramatized re-creation of the Oxford Debate of 1860 and the events surrounding it. Shows how Thomas H. Huxley defended Darwin's theory of natural selection against attacks by leaders of the Church of England. 3/4" UMATIC. 50 min.

Darwin's Darkest Hour

When Charles Darwin's life's work is in danger of being scooped by Alfred Wallace, one of his children is stricken by scarlet fever and one with diphtheria. His wife, Emma, is his rock, helping him through the turmoil. This story brings to life the compelling human story behind the publication of one of history's most influential theories. Cast: Henry Ian Cusick, Frances O'Connor, Nigel Bennett, Richard Donat, Vanessa Walton-Bone, Jeremy Akerman. Directed by John Bradshaw. Originally broadcast as an episode of NOVA in 2009.

Darwin's Revolution (Day the Universe Changed. #8).

Reveals how Darwin's writings undermined the concept of an orderly, unchanging universe and with it the belief in the biblical theory of creation. Also considers how aspects of Darwinism were used to political and economic advantage to justify nazism, robber baron style capitalism, and communism. Day the Universe Changed. Hosted by James Burke. 60 min.

Darwin's Revolution in Thought: An Illustrated Lecture for the Classroom.

Stephen Jay Gould. Lecture is structured in the form of a paradox and three riddles about Darwin's life. Each is designed to shed light on one of the key features of the theory of natural selection, its philosophical radicalism, and why it has been so poorly understood. 75 min. (Also available in a 50 minute version )

Did Darwin Get it Wrong? (Nova ).

Explores challenges to Darwin's theory coming from fossil evidence, biology laboratories, and creationists. 60 min.

Discovering Ardi

Describes the 1974 discovery of Australopithecus afarensis in Hadar, northeastern Ethiopia. Nicknamed ''Lucy,'' this 3.2 million year old skeleton was, at the time, the oldest hominid skeleton ever found. As the Discovery Channel special documents, Lucy's title would be overtaken twenty years later by the 1994 discovery of 'Ardi' in Ethiopia's Afar region in the Middle Awash study area. It would take an elite international team of experts the next fifteen years to delicately, meticulously and methodically piece together ''Ardi'' and her lost world in order to reveal her significance. 2009.