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Homophobia & Violence Against LGBTQA People

Beyond Hatred (Au dela de la haine)

Examines the events behind the violent death in Rheims, France of Francois Chenu, a young gay man who was murdered by 3 homophobic skinheads in 2002. The film follows the lengthy trial of the accused killers, and offers a moving firsthand account of the complex emotional response of the victim's family. In so doing, it explores the social and psychological roots of homophobia and similar hate crimes as well as demonstrating the emotional maturity that enables the rare human quality of forgiveness. Director, Olivier Meyrou. 2006. 86 min.

Bright Eyes.

This production explores attitudes toward homosexuality in three parts: one, the early scientific view of homosexuality as a disease; two, the pre-World War II view (especially in Germany) of homosexuality as a crime; and three, current attitudes, complicated by the spread of AIDS. 1985?. Dist.: Video Data Bank. 85 min.

Congressional Briefing on Homosexuals in the Military with Major Melissa Wells-Petry.

U.S. Army attorney, Major Wells-Petry, discusses the homosexual exclusion policy of the armed services and the legal, social, medical and philosophical basis for that policy. 1993. 60 min.

Dear Jesse.

Gay North Carolina filmmaker Tim Kirkman's open letter to his senator, Jesse Helms whom he criticizes for his anti-homosexual policies. Also includes footage of an interview with Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was murdered, a victim of a hate crime. Writer/director, Tim Kirkman. Originally produced in 1998. 83 min. American Library Association Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults


Director Stuart Marshall chronicles the imprisonment of homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Also examines the "discovery" of homosexuality by the medical and psychoanalytic professions in the 1890's, and the subsequent movements in Germany during the early years of this century demanding recognition of gay and lesbian rights.c1992. 88 min.

Faith & Politics: The Christian Right.

Film reviews the goals, political aspirations and successes of the traditional, family-oriented Christian Right political movement. Examines their organizations and their views on such issues as abortion, homosexuality, creationisn, freedom of speech, school curriculum, home schooling and political activism. 1995. 47 min.

Fall From Grace.

The surreal and shocking world of the controversial cult leader Reverend Fred Phelps and his hate group. The group has staged over 22,000 picket demonstrations at locations ranging from college campuses to funerals for American soldiers, enraging many with slogans such as "Thank God for 9/11," "You're going to hell," and "God hates fags." Includes interviews and rare Phelps footage and allows viewers to reexamine the quintessentially American right of free speech. Directed, produced by K. Ryan Jones. 2008. 87 min.

Gay Rights- Special Rights: Inside the Homosexual Agenda.

An expose by the Southern Baptist Convention concerning the perceived threat of the Gay Rights Movement to moral values and civil liberties of American citizens. Includes testimonies by gays and lesbians who have repudiated the gay cause to become Christians. c1993. 35 min.

Hell House

Just outside of Dallas, Texas a violent haunted house is serving as the pulpit for a modern-day fire and brimstone sermon. Taking the viewer behind the scenes, this documentary examines why this small town church has resorted to such graphic means of saving souls. These houses don't rely on goblins, but instead they recreate scenes that graphically depict such modern-day evils as botched abortions, AIDS-related deaths, fatal drunk driving crashes, date rapes and drug-induced suicides.