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Global & Human Rights Issues

Human Rights & Wrongs: Sarajevo Diary

Contents: [Pt 1]. Sarajevo diaries -- [Pt. 2] Prague skinheads -- Segment one gives excerpts from videos by SAGA, a Sarajevo-based group of filmmakers, from inside the besieged Bosnian capital. The second segment examines ethnic hatred and extreme nationalism in the Czech Republic where neo-Nazi ideas are winning adherents among the young. The final segment reports on the Eyes of the Earth Project which distributes cameras to human rights activists for the documentation of human rights abuses. Broadcast September 8, 1993. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: Sarajevo: Ground Zero, Parts 1 & 2

Part one highlights films produced by SAGA (Sarajevo Group of Artists) which offer a chilling look at the everyday life of a city under siege. Includes interviews of the filmmakers, soldiers and civilians. Part two continues SAGA's films of daily life in Sarajevo and includes commentary by New York Times correspondent John Burns and American writer Susan Sontag who is staging Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo. Broadcast November 3 and November 10, 1993. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: Snakeheads: Chinese "People Smugglers"

Journalists Jon Alpert and Ying Chan travel to China's Fujian province where they interview smugglers or "snakeheads," whom Chinese pay to sneak them into the United States. Once in the U.S. these illegal immigrants face long stays in INS detention centers, an inability to find work except in sweatshops, illegally low pay and horrid living conditions. Concludes with an interview with refugee expert, Arthur Helton and Ying Chan about the issue. Broadcast April 17, 1996. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: South Africa

This episode examines human rights abuses in South Africa after the rise of the African National Congress. It includes scenes from a reunion of former political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, at Robin Island and an interview with Mandela's daughter, Makaziwe, advisor on Affirmative Action/Equal opportunity at the University of Witswatersrand. The segment includes excerpt from "Countdown to freedom: ten days that changed South Africa." Broadcast April 19, 1995. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: South African Elections

Contents: [Pt. 1] The Goldstone report -- [Pt. 2.] Mama Awethu. First segment: A report on politically inspired violence threatening the transition to a multi-racial democracy in South Africa. Includes an interview with Judge Richard Goldstone, the head of the judicial commission which revealed a conspiracy at senior levels of South Africa's security forces to sabotage the transition to majority rule.

Human Rights & Wrongs: Tolerance

First segment: With hate crimes at a record level, racism and community conflict escalating and the passage of Proposition 187, the first program examines attempts by individuals in Los Angeles to promote tolerance. Second segment: An interview with controversial author and philosopher Cornel West. Third segment: Profile of children's conflict resolution educator Darryl Williams, who was paralyzed by a sniper's bullet during Boston's 1979 busing crisis.Broadcast March 21, 1995. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: Torture Rehabilitation, Land Mines, New Technologies.

First segment: Reports on efforts to rehabilitate victims of torture by the Centers for Victims of Torture in Minneapolis and Toronto. Second segment: Using excerpts from the film "Are we the enemy?" a report on how an estimatted 8-10 million active land mines are affecting the lives of Cambodians who, because of these mines, have the highest number of handicapped people per capita in the world. Third segment: A report on how human rights groups like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Peacenet/IGC are using computers, CD-ROM's and the Internet to link up worldwide.

Human Rights & Wrongs: Truth or Consequences: El Salvador

The first segment of a new television series termed "human rights television." This inaugural program explains the methods and goals of the series designed to examine human rights abuses around the globe, with particular emphasis on videotaping of "video diaries" by common citizens in those countries. After a sampling of conflicts around the globe this issue examines human rights abuses in El Salvador. Broadcast April 4, 1993. 27 mins

Human Rights & Wrongs: United Nations

First segment: Examination of the status of the United Nation's human rights mandate in light of its peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, Somalia and El Salvador. Interview with Kofi Annan, of the UN and others in respect to the UN's performance on human rights issues. Second segment: Interview with Anna Deavere Smith, writer, performer and social commentator on her view of the state of race relations in the United States.

Human Rights & Wrongs: Vienna (1993 Vienna Conference on Human Rights)

At the conclusion of the conference, this is a review of issues and people that took center stage at the first World Human Rights Conference in Vienna. Includes interviews with UN officials, government delegates, NGO representatives and activists and John Shattuck, U.S. Asst. Sec. of State for Human Rights. Broadcast June 23, 1993. 27 mins