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Gender & Women's Studies

A Woman's Place: Short Stories.

Teach a woman how to fish and... / Amelia Simmons -- Dry days in Dobbagunta / Nupur Basu -- A Healthy start / Sandra Herrington -- The Alarm rings softly / Judith Laird -- The Amahs of Hong Kong / Anastasia Edwards -- Footprints of sorrow / Claudia Esmerado. Six 10 minute videos by women about the status and condition of women in 6 countries. [1] In Fiji women are involved in new sea farming projects. [2] In South Africa a literacy campaign gives birth to an effective anti-liquor campaign.

A Word in Edgewise

Film explains the role of language in shaping behavior and explores sex bias in everyday speech and writing. Cites illustrations of abuses as well as suggestions to improve awareness of our use and abuse of language. 1986. 26 min.

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Abortion and the Law

This 1965 television documentary investigates the controversy surrounding abortion before it was legalized in the United States, focusing on the moral, social, legal and psychological aspects of abortion. Presents interviews with clergymen, lawyers, and physicians who hold diametrically opposed views and tells of specific cases of abortion. Videodisc release of an episode of the television program CBS reports, originally broadcast on April 5, 1965. Reporters: Walter Cronkite; Eric Sevareid. 57 min.

Abortion Issue, When Does Human Life Begin?: May 20, 1981 (Nightline)

Program follows the history of family planning, abortion, infanticide, including global religious and legal viewpoints. 33 min.

Abortions - Stories from North and South.

Program follows the history of family planning, abortion, infanticide, including global religious and legal viewpoints. 1984. 54 min.

Access Denied

Addresses cutbacks in women's reproductive freedom and civil rights against the backdrop of Operation Rescue's religious anti-abortion ferver. Produced by ReproVision, the media collective of WHAM (Women's Health Action Mobilization). 1991. 28 min.

Adelante Mujeres!

Spanning five centuries, this comprehensive video focuses exclusively on the history of Mexican-American/Chicana women; as the center of their families, as activists in their communities and as contributors to American history. c1992. 30 min.

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Afghan Muscles.

In war-ravaged post-Taliban Kabul, Afghanistan young men have discovered the art of bodybuilding and dream of muscle, honour and fame. Once barely tolerated by the Taliban, bodybuilding gyms and clubs are sprouting up throughout the country. Today, competitions take place in the open -- in overcrowded halls where contestants strut their stuff before enthusiastic audiences of robed bearded men who fervently cheer for their favorites. Directed by Andreas M. Dalsgaard. Dist. Cinema Guild. 2007. 59 min.

Afghanistan Unveiled (Regards D'Afghanes)

This film is shot by Afghan camera women traveling across Afghanistan offering unparalleled access to other Afghan women. The documentary traces the effects of the repressive rule of the Taliban on women and the recent U.S.-sponsored bombing campaign. Directed by Brigitte Brault. 2003. 52 min.

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Africa Rising: The Grassroots Movement to End Female Genital Mutilation

Depicts the efforts of local African political activists to end the practice of female genital mutilation in Africa, an act that can lead to medical complications or even death. Also capturing the stories of victims, their families and friends, the film follows various activists in countries such as Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya and Mali, as they meet with school children, local communities, and others in attempting to change the 5,000 year-old custom. Directed and produced by Paula Heredia. 2009. 62 min.