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Gender & Women's Studies

Buying Into Sexy

A report on how marketers, especially in the clothing industry, are selling a grown-up, sexy image to pre-teen girls. This program follows the daily lives of tween girls, recording their perceptions of fashion, celebrities, boys and themselves. Interviews with both concerned and clueless parents are included, as well as a glimpse into corporate decision making that impacts tween culture. Conversations with Candie's CEO and a hard look at MuchMusic programming practices enhance this social analysis. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2007. 26 min.

California Dreaming.

A documentary on Indian brides for export. Punjabi girls dream of marrying to move overseas, to escape to a life of "no restrictions," where "a woman's work is appreciated" and "there is plenty of money." But the glamour of life abroad is offset by the reality of immigration problems from refusal of visas to hopelessly waiting to hear from their husband. a film by Meera Dewan. 1998. 30 min.

Call It What It Is.

By establishing a relationship between personal experiences with domestic violence and the media's coverage of the same issue, this tape challenges the viewer to examine the social forces which contribute to violence against women and children in the home. Film explores the ways the media's representation of domestic violence tends to obscure the seriousness of this social epidemic. 1993. 30 min.

Calling the Ghosts (Prozivanje duhova)

Women survivors of Omarska Detention Camp describe the camp and the situation in Bosnia and Herzagovnia. Their release and recovery process are also described. Written and directed by Mandy Jacobson and Karmen Jelinic 1996. 60 min.

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Reviews and articles:
Goodman, Walter. " Calling the Ghosts: A Story About Rape, War and Women." New York Times v146 (Mon, March 3, 1997):B8(N), C16(L), col 4, 11 col in.

Calling the Shots.

Focuses on the diversity of films being made by women today, the power structure of the industry and the women who hold such power. c1989. 118 min.

Cameroon: Little Mothers of the Bush.

From the series, Growing Up Young. The story of two little girls who belong to the Falli tribe of Northern Cameroon. The children of this tribe are physically advanced beyond what is normal for their age in other cultures. It is the obligation of the little girls to care for the infants of the famiiy and to help in the fields and with the cooking. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1991. 26 min.

Camp Arirang

Filmmakers explore prostitution near American military bases in South Korea and examine the lives of the sex workers and their Amerasian children who live in U.S. camp towns throughout South Korea. Through interviews with the workers, soldiers and scholars the film examines the historical roots of the problem and the complicity of the Korean and American governments. 1995. 28 min.
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Campus Culture Wars: Five Stories About PC.

University of Pennsylvania: racially insensitive language, Harvard University: gay rights, Stanford University: multicultural ideals, Pennsylvania State: sexual harassment, University of Washington: radical feminism. c1993. 86 min.

Cancer in Two Voices

This film provides a glimpse into the real lives of two lesbian women, Sandy and Barbara, especially into their coping with Barbara's breast cancer. Sandy and Barbara had almost three years together from the time Barbara's cancer was diagnosed until her death in 1988. The film is based on home videotapes made during that time. 1994. 43 min.

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Casting the First Stone.

This documentary attempts, by means of interviews with both proponents and opponents of abortion in a Pennsylvania town, to show some of the differences in the ways people weight the value of human life. c1991. 58 min.