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Gender in Media & Language

A Word in Edgewise

Film explains the role of language in shaping behavior and explores sex bias in everyday speech and writing. Cites illustrations of abuses as well as suggestions to improve awareness of our use and abuse of language. 1986. 26 min.

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Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Impact of Media Images on Women and Girls

A documentary about the fight against the toxic and degrading messages to women and girls that dominate the media. The film presents the leading authorities in the fields of psychology of women and girls, eating disorders, gender studies, violence against women, and media literacy -- and focuses their ideas on practical solutions and the best tactics for reclaiming our culture. Produced and directed by Margaret Lazarus [and] Renner Wunderlich. 2000. 2000. 34 min.

Breakin' In: The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer.

music videos. Follows three young women as they compete for roles in hip hop music videos. Through their eyes we see how this world has impacted their personal values, their career ambitions and their concepts of beauty and self-image. Written and directed by Elizabeth St. Philip. Dist.: National Film Board of Canada. 2005. 71 min.

Buying Into Sexy

A report on how marketers, especially in the clothing industry, are selling a grown-up, sexy image to pre-teen girls. This program follows the daily lives of tween girls, recording their perceptions of fashion, celebrities, boys and themselves. Interviews with both concerned and clueless parents are included, as well as a glimpse into corporate decision making that impacts tween culture. Conversations with Candie's CEO and a hard look at MuchMusic programming practices enhance this social analysis. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2007. 26 min.

Calling the Shots.

Focuses on the diversity of films being made by women today, the power structure of the industry and the women who hold such power. c1989. 118 min.

Codes of Gender

Communication scholar Sut Jhally applies the late sociologist Erving Goffman's groundbreaking analysis of advertising to the contemporary commercial landscape in this provocative new film about gender as a ritualized commercial performance. Uncovering a remarkable pattern of gender-specific poses, Jhally explores Goffman's central claim that the way the body is displayed in advertising communicates normative ideas about masculinity and femininity.

Cosmetic Advertising of the 60's

Ads: Fabulous fakes (2 adds)--Noxzema (7)--Yardley (3)-- Maybelline (4)--Cover Girl--Diamond Deb--First hand foam (3)--Pretty face--Coty cremestick--Avon (5)--Max Factor--Pacquins--Pond's--Fabulash--Desert flower (2)-- Chantilly perfume--Bourjois--Clairol (2)--Crepe de Chine--Sunbeam shavers--Ambush perfume--Hind's lotion-- Oh de London cologne--Tigresse & Brut--My Island cologne--Revlon Intimate--Tabu perfume--Hazel Bishop--Jergens lotion. 199?. 45 min.

Cosmetic Advertising of the 70's

Ads: Revlon (8 adds)--Avon (3)--Coty (2)--Flex conditioner--Oil of Olay (5)--Norell perfume--Aziza eye makeup (2)--Maxi lip gloss--Pantene shampoo--O.B.

Crack in the Tube.

Humorously de-constructs some of the female roles represented on television with the underlying suggestion that a greater variety of visions and ovices ought to be possible. Multiple shorts- see Gladis using long display for individual titles. c1987. 90 min.

Dreamworlds 2.

A controversial video that MTV tried to ban by threat of legal action if it was released. Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on society and culture in our everyday life. Shows scenes from over 165 music videos to show how the media portrays masculinity, femininity, sex, and sex roles. Includes a scene of a brutal gang rape from the movie, The accused. Updated ed. of the 1991 program: Dreamworlds () c1995. 57 min.