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Gender Biology & Society

Assume Nothing

Artistic expression of alternatively gendered people's lives reveals a captivating world where gender cannot be defined as simply male or female. This program features New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan and her images for "Assume Nothing," a book that explores the beauty and complexity of gender identity. Four of Swan's subjects speak candidly about their own gender identities and experiences, focusing on their creative expression as artists. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2009. 80 min.

Black and White

In a small New Zealand hospital in 1953, the birth of Mani Bruce Mitchell caused a mild pandemonium. Fifty years later, this film interweaves the stories of this intersex activist and the acclaimed photographer Rebecca Swan, exploring their potent creative collaboration. This fascinating documentary introduces viewers to notions of fluid gender identity, challenging the rigid categories of 'male' and 'female'. Produced and directed by Kirsty MacDonald. 2006. 17 min.

Brain Sex: Brain Architecture and the Sexes.

Dist.: Films Media Group. 1992. 51 min. each installment. Sugar and Spice. Even during the first moments of life, baby girls and boys already behave differently. Combining case histories and scientific analysis this program argues that the mixture of hormones in the womb "hardwires" the brain with a sex-aligned signature before birth, causing it to become distinctly female or male--or a mixture of both. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. Statistically speaking, why have men and women not proved equally adept at the same things?

Divide of the Sexes: Gender Roles in Childhood

Why do boys underachieve? How does celebrity culture influence the self-esteem of young girls? In an atmosphere dominated by sex and consumerism, are children growing up too quickly? This program addresses those issues, reporting on a group of 25 eight-year olds as they adjust to gender roles and expectations. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2008. 60 min.

Gender, the Enduring Paradox.

Explores how gender affects how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how gender shapes our human identity. c1991. 58 min.
Full-text review from:ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries

Hey! What About Us?

Insight into sex role stereotyping in physical activities of children in schools. Considers exclusion of girls from sports, reinforcement of the hero ethic in boys, and differential teacher treatment of boys and girls in classroom and playground. 1974. 15 min. 3/4" UMATIC. b

I is for Important.

Focuses on sex role stereotyping in social interactions and emotional expression. Pupils range from kindergarten through eighth grade. 1980. 12 min. [preservation copy]

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Explores the medical management of infants born with ambiguous sexual anatomy and whether or not patients born with the disorder should be given the opportunity to choose their gender. Some argue that the standard practice of sexual assignment by surgery in infancy should be discontinued giving the intersexual the right to chose or not to chose surgery once that person reaches adolescence. Produced and written by Phyllis Ward. 2000. 54 min.

Juggling Gender: Politics, Sex and Identity.

Features Jennifer Miller, juggler and director of CircusAmok. Miller speaks of her life and struggle as a lesbian woman who happens to have a moustache and beard. Includes scenes of circus performances, a gay rights parade, Miller interacting with friends, family, and strangers. 1992. 27 min.
Full-text review from:ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries
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Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She

Explores the lives of those who do not conform to rigid gender concepts and examines changes in brain science that are shedding light on grey areas between male and female. The film also explores the serious social and family problems--even dangers--often faced by those whose gender may fall somewhere in between male and female. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2006. 75 min.