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A Naturalist in the Rainforest.

Tells the story of Alexander Skutch and reveals the splendors of tropical nature that have captivated him for over half a century. One of the great naturalists of our time, Skutch travelled around Central America for years uncovering the secrets of tropical birdlife. His later efforts to live and farm in harmony with the rainforest in Costa Rica, make Skutch's remarkable story especially relevant today. 54 min.
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Amazonia, Voices From the Rain Forest.

Reviews the ecology of the rainforest, the indigenous indians attitudes towards the forest and their increasing concern for its protection as the fragile ecosystem is threatened with destruction by outside commercial developers. 1991. 69 min.

America's Forests: A History of Resiliency and Recovery.

Using film footage and still photographs from turn-of-the-century, this video graphically depicts the forest, watershed and wildlife conditions that led to our first national conservation movement. Portrays how much of our natural world was altered, first by Native Americans and later by pioneers. Film reviews lessons learned from the past and tries to create public awareness for the need for constructive environmental and community action to manage and preserve the natural environment. 1993. 23 min.

Ancient Forests

An environmentalist film which presents two photographic journeys through ancient forest ecosystems which are being destroyed by man; shows harvested forest areas, demonstrating man's influence on and destruction of nature. The second episode focuses on the old growth, temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, Washington's Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park. Consequences of the disappearance of forest ecosystems and the diversity of life found there are discussed. 1998. 21 min.

Banking on Disaster.

A three part documentary filmed over a ten year period exposes the detrimental effects of deforestation interliked with roadbuilding and colonization in Rondonia, Brazil. Produced and directed by Adrian Cowell. 1989. 78 min. ;
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Between Midnight and the Rooster's Crow

Multinationals are working to extract billions of dollars of oil reserves from beneath Ecuador's rainforest. This film documents the environmental and social impact the EnCana Corporation is having on Ecuador as they build a heavy crude pipeline from the Amazon, across the Andes, to the Pacific coast. Also looks at the relationship between EnCana and the government of Eduador. Directed, produced and written by Nadja Drost. 2005. 66 min.
web web sites:Description from Icarus Films catalog

Brazilian Dreams: Visiting Points of Resistance

Explores cultures of opposition in Brazil as documented by two US travelers in 1988-1989.

Building from Below

Documentary on the impact of agroforestry on rural villages of India, showing several successful land and forest reclamation projects. PAL format. 1999. 30 min.

Carbon Hunters

As the U.S. Congress considers new legislation that would have them pay for making pollution, American companies are looking to the Brazilian Amazonian rain forest for an increasingly valuable commodity - carbon. Originally broadcast on PBS (Frontline) on May 11, 2010.

Creeks of Conflict

Documentary television program on the destruction of the mangrove forests in India due to aquaculture and other development activities. The film also documents the breeding of Oliver Ridley Turtles. A film by Krishnendu Bose. 1996. 30 min.