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Films by Black Film Makers

One Eight Seven (187) (1997)

Directed by Kevin Reynolds. Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, JohnHeard, Kelly Rowan, Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez. Dedicated highschool science instructor Trevor Garfield is a man with a passionfor learning. Garfield is skilled, smart, committed: the totalpackage as a teacher. But he's also human. And what he confronts ina school turned increasingly into a battlefield may be more than hecan bear. Maybe he'll quit teaching ... or caring ... or maybehe'll take justice into his own hands. 119 min.

Panther (1995)

Directed by Mario Van Peebles; script by Melvin Van Peebles.Cast: Kadeem Hardison, Bokeem Woodbine, Joe Don Baker, Courtney B. Vance, Marcus Chong, Tyrin Turner, James Russo, Mefertiti, M. Emmet Walsh.

Passing Strange (2009)

Directed by Spike Lee. Cast: Stew, de'Adre Aziza, Eisa Davis,Colman Domingo, Chad Goodridge, Rebecca Naomi Jones, DanielBreaker. A young man leaves behind his mother and life in a LosAngeles neighborhood and sets out on a journey of self-discovery inEurope during the 1970s in order to find his purpose in lifethrough his music. A theatrical stage production of the TonyAward-winning Broadway musical. 135 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Phat Girlz (2006)

Directed by Nnegest Likke. Cast: Mo'Nique, Jimmy Jean-Louis,Godfrey, Kendra C. Johnson, Joyful Drake, Jack Noseworthy, EricRoberts. Jazmin is a sassy, tart, talented, and plus-size woman wholives in a world that insults and rejects her because she's fat -or is the emotional abuse she heaps on herself the real problem?She is a department store employee with fashion designer dreams whohas created a designer line for full-figured ladies, but floundersuntil she wins a Palm Springs vacation. There she meets a handsomeNigerian doctor named Tunde.

Play'd: A Hip Hop Story (2002)

Directed by Oz Scott. Cast: Rashaan Nall, Merlin Santana,Faizon Love, Clifton Powell, Sharissa, DeRay Davis, Dex ElliottSanders, Toni Braxton. Jax is a rising hip hop phenomenon whohas it all, but wants more. Leaving his New York life behind,he signs with an infamous L.A. gangsta producer - and ignites aviolent bi-coastal turf war that explodes out of the studio andonto the streets. 87 min.
Informationabout this film from the Internet Movie Database

Player's Club (1998)

Directed by Ice Cube. Cast: Ice Cube, Bernie Mac, MonicaCalhoun, A.J. Johnson, Alex Thomas, Lisaraye, Jamie Foxx, JohnAmos. For gorgeous and smart Diana there is no choice but to workher way through college. It is difficult to resist the money thatthe club owner of the Players Club offers her to strip. She avoidsthe pitfalls of dancing by trusting no one except the respectableand funny DJ. But her naive cousin joins the club and gets into allsorts of trouble. Diana has to figure a way out for both of thembefore they go down with the building.

Poetic Justice (1993)

Director, John Singleton. Cast: Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur,Regina King, Joe Torry. A mismatched pair pushed together on a roadtrip from South Central Los Angeles to Oakland find themselvesreluctantly attracted to each other, when they are confronted onceagain by the shocking violence they thought they'd left behind. 109min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Precious (2009)

Directed by Lee Daniels. Cast: Mo'nique, Paula Patton, MariahCarey, Lenny Kravitz, Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, Sherri Shepherd. In1987, obese, illiterate, black 16-year-old Claireece 'Precious'Jones lives in Harlem with her dysfunctional family. She has beenraped and impregnated twice by her father, Carl. She suffersconstant physical, mental and sexual abuse from her unemployedmother, Mary. After getting pregnant for the second time, Preciousis suspended from her school. Her principal arranges to have herattend an alternative school where her new teacher, Ms.

Redemption (2003)

Directed by Vondie Curtis Hall. Cast: Jamie Foxx, LynnWhitfield, Lee Thompson Young, Brenden Richard Jefferson, BrendaBazinet, Wes "Maestro" Williams, Greg Ellwand, CCH Pounder. Tellsthe true life story of Stan 'Tookie' Williams, founder of the L.A.Crips street gang, who denounced the lifestyle that landed himbehind bars. While awaiting execution in prison, he becamedetermined to stop violence, and began writing anti-gang books forchildren, earning him critical acclaim - and four Nobel Peace Prizenominations. 93 min.

Riot (TV, 1997)

Diretors: Richard Di Lello (segment "Empty"); David C. Johnson(segment "Homecoming Day"); Alex Munoz (segment "Caught in theFever"); Galen Yuen (segment "Gold Mountain"). Cast: Dante Basco,Kieu Chinh, Mako, Alexis Cruz, Yelba Osorio, John Ortiz, DouglasSpain, Luke Perry, Peter Dobson, Mario Van Peebles, Melvin VanPeebles, Cicely Tyson. In April 1992, following the notoriousRodney King verdict, the streets of Los Angeles became abattlefield, the backdrop to four personal intertwined stories. 96min.