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Feminist Movements and Women & Politics

Thoroughly Modern.

Originally a segment of 60 Minutes. Reporter Morley Safer interviews U.S. Representative Millicent Fenwick of New Jersey. 1981. 14 min.

Women Against Women.

Presents choices women have for leading their lives. Documents some of the choices, and outlines the women's movement and reactions to it. 1978. 30 min.

Women and the Law.

Barbara A. Brown and Ann E. Freedman, associated with the Women's Law Project, Philadelphia, talk about the provisions of the Equal Rights Amendment and their effect on State law. 197?. 30 min.

Women for America, for the World.

Twenty-two prominent American women challenge the economic and political realities of the arms race. 1986. 29 min.

Women for Peace.

Covers the founding of the organization, Women For Peace, and many of the first peace demonstrations that it sponsored. Film covers 1961 and 1962 anti-nuclear demonstrations in California and Nevada and other activities of the group. A film by Harvey Richards. 24 min

Women in Politics (Listening to America with Bill Moyers)

Moyers queries writers, theologians, philosophers, activists and ordinary citizens around the country, focusing on the public and private concerns of the American people in an election year. This program focuses on the role of women in politics. c1992. 60 min.

Women in Politics.

Profiles of six women politicians: Corazon Aquino, president of the Philippines; Tatyana Zaslavskaya, the "inventor of perestroika and one of Gorbachov's closest advisors; Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominca; Simone Veil one of France's most popular politicians and pioneer legislator for women's reproductive rights; Dr. Gudrun Agnardottir, member of the Icelandic Parliament. 1989. Six videotapes, 40 min each. -3376

Women Negotiate: Her Place at the Table.

Experienced women negotiators discuss techniques and strategies they use to achieve successful outcomes when involved in high stakes negotiations in business and the public sector. c1989. 30 min.