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Economic & Workplace Conditions for Women

Sexual Harassment on the Job.

Discussion about the problems of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination of women on the job. c1977. 29 min.

Sexual Harassment.

A discussion on the topic taped by the Office of Media Services at UC Berkeley. 1989.

Shopping Bag Ladies.

Interviews with shopping bag ladies by Joan Guimmo, Jennifer Hand, and Louise Riskin. 1988. 45 min.

Soldier Girls.

A documentary that captures the military experiences of a group of young women who have enlisted in the U.S. Army, assigned to Charlie Company at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Focuses on the women as they go through basic training and make, what is in most cases, a painful adjustment to military life. Produced and directed by Nicholas Broomfield and Joan Churchill. 1981. 87 min.

Street Sisters.

Examines the lives and attitudes of prostitutes in Belem, Brazil through interviews with women belonging to the 4,000 member organization GEMPAC: Prostitutes Group of Central Belem. In Portuguese with English subtitles. 199?. 21 min.

Stripped and Teased: Tales from Las Vegas Women.

Documentary on life in Las Vegas as seen by women in various occupations. Each woman is first seen on the job, describing what her work entails. Ensuing segments of the film take the women to other settings, where they talk about a broad spectrum of activities and concerns: gambling, housing, family life, personal relationships, leisure-time activities, and aspirations for the future. The documentary also includes images of Las Vegas as tourist mecca, with interviews with the stereotypical Las Vegas woman: showgirls and exotic dancers. Dist.

Take It From Me.

Follows four welfare mothers over the course of two years as they struggle to comply with new work requirements, find reliable child care and transportation, battle drug addiction and depression, confront domestic violence, and try to make ends meet in the new era of welfare reform. Concludes that though many welfare recipients are motivated to go to work, many are not landing on their feet and there are no easy answers to the problems of welfare dependency. 2001. 75 min.

The Chilly Climate for Women In Colleges and Universities.

Women relate the pain they have felt at being excluded and undermined in their working and learning situations within colleges and universities. A text accompanies. c1991. 28 min.

The Farmers Wife.

This film follows Juanita and Darrel Buschkoetter, a remarkable young Nebraska farm couple, to tell a compelling love story. Gleaned from more than 200 hours of film shot on location over three years, 'The farmer's wife' follows Juanita and Darrel as they face seemingly insurmountable economic hardship, only to confront an even greater challenge: repairing their damaged marriage. What emerges is an epic story of faith, perseverance, and triumph, and an indelible portrait of a real American family's struggle to hold onto their dreams and each other. 1998. 3 videocassettes (375 min.)

The Hidden Army

Produced by the U.S. Army Signal Corps as an official war film in 1944. Using a mixture of dramatized events and newsreels, this film extols the work of women in industry during World War II. It was primarily made to get more women involved in the industrial sector of war work, since the number of women factory workers had actually declined in 1943. 17 min.