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Economic & Workplace Conditions for Women

Motherhood Manifesto

Moving personal stories combined with humorous animation, expert commentary and old film clips tell the tale of what happens to working mothers and families in America. See how enlightened employers and public policy can make paid family leave, flexible working hours, part-time parity, universal health care, excellent childcare, after-school programs and realistic living wages a reality for American families.

Phantom of the Operator.

This delightful found-footage film reveals a little-known chapter in labor history: the story of female telephone operators' central place in the development of global communications. Presents more than one hundred clips from rarely seen industrial, advertising and scientific management films produced in North America between 1903 and 1989 by Bell and Western Electric, transformed into a dreamlike montage documentary.

Poor Kids : an intimate portrait of America's economic crisis

These are hard times in the Quad Cities, a great American crossroads along the border of Iowa and Illinois, where the Mississippi River intersects Interstate 80. It's home to John Deere manufacturing and the nation's breadbasket. But it's also an area deeply scarred by the Recession. Frontline spent months following three young girls who are growing up against the backdrop of their families' struggles against financial ruin. The result is an intimate portrait of the economic crisis as it's rarely seen, through the eyes of children. Originally broadcast on Nov.

Rewind: It Could Have Been Me.

Short animated film about a woman who has been changed from a productive, young working mother into an angry homeless person. It begins with the alienated woman living on the street, swearing at a passer-by and then moves backwards in time to the start of her decline, revealing the details of her life and how she came to live on the street. (Washington D.C.: National Coalition for the Homeless [distributor], c1993.) 14 min.

Rosie the Riveter.(Homefront U.S.A.)

Focuses on the varied contributions of women during WWII from nursing to industry, signaling a significant change for women in American society. Also includes segments on SPARS, WAVES and WACS modeling their new uniforms, WAC mechanics servicing airplanes in Arizona and the presentation of Purple Hearts to parents of Japanese American soldiers. c1997. 55 min.

Serving With Dignity

This documentary spotlights a usually ignored segment of working-class America: the women who make the food-service industry run. This film profiles three single, ethnic women who work as waitresses, the challenges they face daily, and how they feel about their jobs. Produced, directed and written by Gia M. Amella. 1996. 30 min.

Sewing Woman

This program tells the story of Zem Ping Dong, an immigrant who worked in America's garment factories for over 30 years and her struggle, along with other Chinese women, to leave war-torn China for a new life in America. 1982?. 14 min.
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Sex & Justice

Presents highlights from the dramatic confrontation between Senator Clarence Thomas and former colleague Anita Hill during the widely publicized Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991, paving the way for how people view sexual harassment in the workplace. 1993. 77 min. ;

Sexual Harassment 9 to 5

Looks at the legal and human side of sexual harassment in the workplace, portraying women whose lives were deeply affected by it. Shows the rights of women, the responsibilities of male workers and the companies which employ them, and some corporate efforts to help employees distinguish between romance, harassment, and sexual extortion. Discusses the changing laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and how companies are responding and complying with them. Originally broadcast 1986 as a program in the documentary television series, Currents.

Sexual Harassment Hearing Compilation.

Compilation of testimony of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the October 1991 Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Thomas. 1991?. 122 min.