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Economic & Workplace Conditions for Women

All of Our Lives.

Examines the plight of aging women, many of whom must face their later years stranded without a pension and financially insecure. c1984. 28 min.

American Pimp

In this documentary Albert and Allen Hughes turn their cameras on the world of street pimps in variousAmerican cities. The Black urban pimps interviewed reveal their world and their secrets in a film that is all about power and money. These men exude charm and charisma and boast rock star status in their communities. People are lured by the glamour and money, only to be used as commodities and tossed out once they have passed their prime.

Blood, Sweat & Lace.

Examination of the working conditions of Asian American women garment workers who sew piece work in Oakland, California. Focuses on attempts by the workers to extract back wages from Jessica McClintoch Corporation, designer/distributor of the fashions they sew, after their subcontractor declared bankruptcy. 1994. 18 min. [preservation copy]

Changing Images: Confronting Career Stereotypes.

Examines influence of sex role stereotypes in the career expectations of elementary school children. 1975. 16 min.

Chicken Ranch: A Legal Brothel in Nevada.

Documentary about the prostitutes employed on the Chicken Ranch, one of the 38 legal brothels in Nevada. A film by Nick Broomfield & Sandy Sissel. 1983. 84 min.

Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain.

Discusses the Thomas confirmation hearings, the charges of sexual harrassment by Anita Hill, and the reactions from Afro-Americans.1992. 58 min. [preservation copy]

Coal Mining Women.

Women coal miners tell of the economic conditions that led them to seek employment in the coal mines and problems encountered once hired. Directed by: Elizabeth Barret. 1982. Dist.: Appalshop. 40 min.

Counter Parts.

A documentary film about Dora Van Vyken, a restaurant owner in Hoboken, New Jersey, and her long-time employee Helen Frierhock. 1990. 10 min.

Dish: Women, Waitressing and the Art of Service

Explores the demanding work that female servers engage in, through interviews with waitresses in Toronto, Montreal, Paris and Tokyo. Examines how gender, social standing, earning opportunities, and working conditions intersect in the restaurant industry. Directed by Maya Gallus. 2010. 70 min.

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