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Eastern Europe History & Politics


An overview of Poland and Peace Corps activities in that country with emphasis on how Poland's geography has effected its history and discussions with students on economic and political changes since the ending of communist rule there. 16 min.

Diamonds in the Dark.

From a traditional village bordering the Ukraine, to the city of Bucharest, this film tells the stories of ten Romanian women who relate their personal experiences and observations living under the Communist regime and the changes that came after the fall of Ceausescu. 1999. 60 min.

Disco & Atomic War (Disko & tuumasöda)

A story about growing up in the Soviet Union; a film about our generation, who were unknowingly brought to the front line of the Cold War. Western popular culture had an incomparable role shaping Soviet children's world views in those days. Finnish television was a window to a world of dreams that the authorities could not block in any way. Though Finnish channels were banned, many households found some way to access the forbidden fruit. c2009. 80 min.
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Disgraced Monuments.

Discusses the destruction of monuments in Russia during the 20th century as each new regime takes control. Only recently have efforts been made to preserve these monuments as part of the Russian heritage. Features rare archival footage and interviews with sculptors, art historians and critics, gallery and museum directors. 1993. 49 min.

Document Russia: The Rise of Vladimir Putin. Putin: A Bitter Decision.

In the mind of Vladimir Putin, 9/11/01 marked the day that triggered a chain of events that ended with Russia's acceptance into the ranks of the West-but at a terrible cost to national pride and the balance of nuclear power. This program narrates the circumstances leading to President Putin's bitter decision to trade U.S. approval of the war in Chechnya for what has proved to be a diminished role in world politics. Footage of Putin, George W.

Document Russia: The Rise of Vladimir Putin. Putin: Stairway to Power.

This program tracks the career of Vladimir Putin from KGB spymaster for the U.S.S.R. to president of the Russian Federation.

Dusi and Jenot.

A film by Peter Forgacs. Originally shot between 1936 and 1966 by Jeno, a banker living in Budapest, the film shootings are of he and his wife and dog but it also presents the City of Budapest itself, in snow, fog and rain, with photography of sensual accuracy. In the midst of this peaceful landscape, Nazi troops, bombardments, flechees Crosses, and Jewish work camps cross the images of Jeno. This film is a poem, which sets up a breathtaking memorial to the vanishing representatives of the Hungarian middle class. 1989. 45 min.

East Side Story.

"That's Entertainment," Communist style. A documentary of Soviet and Eastern bloc communist musical films. Comrades drive tractors, sweep factory floors, feed farm animals, harvest crops, all the while singing their hearts out about the joys of socialism. Included are interviews with people involved in the making of some of these movies, as well as a film historian and moviegoers.

Eastern & Central European Newsreels & American Cold War Propaganda, 1939-1955, Selection II

Hungarian occupation of Czech Territory, (1939, 10 min.) -- Vienna: Four-power occupation after World War II (unedited footage, 3 min.) -- Floods in Austria (unedited footage, 1950, 3 min.) -- Lifeline to freedom: the story of Radio Free Europe (12 min.) -- Let us live! (6 min.).

Eastern & Central European Newsreels, 1926-1944, Selection I

Romanian oil fields (with gypsies) (1926, 12 min.) -- Ukraine in flames / Alexander Dovzhenko (1941-1943, 10 min.) -- Die Deutsche Wochenshau (German wartime newsreels) (1943, 16 min.) -- Tito's partisans, Yugoslavia (1944, 10 min.).