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Golden Cage: A Story of California's Farmworkers.

The experiences of Mexican farmworkers in California are chronicled. Using historical footage, interviews, newspaper clippings and black-and-white stills, the documentary traces the history of the United Farmworkers Union from the sixties to its current decline. It also examines the impact of the new immigration law. c1989. 29 min.

Golden Gate Bridge

The story of engineer Joseph Strauss' mission to bring the Golden Gate Bridge into existence. He spent thirteen years arguing with politicians and opponents, before he could even break ground. This film explores the building of the spectacular bridge which has since been called one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Originally released as a segment of The American experience. 2004. 60 min.

Golden Lands, Working Hands.

A 2-part history of the labor movement in California from the 1860's to the present day. 1999. Part 1.

Good as Gold (Water Wars;1).

Focuses on the dispute over water rights between the city of Los Angeles and Arizona Indians. Water rights is one of the most powerful resources in the West. 49 min.

Good Work, Sister: Women Shipyard Workers of World War II, An Oral History.

Women tell of their personal experiences in the shipyards at Portland, Or. and Vancouver, Wash., and the difficulties confronting them when they took over jobs during World War II which had traditionally been considered men's work in addition to their continuing responsibility for child-raising and housework. 1982. 20 min.

Goodbye God, I've Gone to Bodie

Traces the life cycle of Bodie, a California gold mining town in a series of images accompanied by music and narration. 1974. 11 min. [preservation copy]

Green Dreams.

Describes activities of the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) as they organize and supervise gardening projects in troubled urban neighborhoods. Film documents how these gardening projects are offering real job skills and a sense of accomplishment to low-income youth, ex-convicts and people recovering from drugs.

Hands on the Verdict: The 1992 L.A. Uprising.

Film probes the issues surrounding the civil unrest following the Simi Valley, Calif. verdict in the Rodney King police brutality trial. Examines also the South Central Los Angeles community of Watts, the truce between street gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, and the persistence of racism and police brutality in the L.A. Police Dept. 54 min.

Harry Bridges: A Man and His Union.

Sympathetic biographical overview of the life of the union organizer, Harry Bridges and his struggles to organize stevedores on West Coast American ports. Includes the unsuccessful attempt to deport him by industry mogels and politicians hostile to his labor movement and the current impact of mechanization and containerization on Stevedores and other dock laborers. 1992. 60 min.

Hazardous Waste: Are We Poisoning the Golden State?

UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies. "The California forum, September 8, 1983." Debate about the problem of regulating production as well as disposal of hazardous waste in California. 1983. 59 min.

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