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Business & Economics

Working World.(Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology; 14)

Today we live in a rapidly changing economic and social climate that emphasizes the bottom line. What is the impact on society? What role does globalization play? The situtation faced by striking grocery workers illustrates some of the frustrations experienced by employees in today's changing global economy. This lesson also includes a discussion around the impact one retail giant in particular is having on workers, the economy, and the world -- Walmart. 2005. 27 min.

World Banking

Illustrates how the World Bank is at the leading edge of sustainable development; examines the Bank's new thrusts for the 1990's; looks specifically at Barber Conable's plans for focusing the Bank's resources on the economic development of emerging economies and protecting the environment. 1991. 30 min.

WTO, A Threat to Humanity

Presents an in-depth look at the history and current policies of the World Trade Organization. Among the issues discussed are NAFTA's impact on corn production in Mexico, the effects of genetically modified seeds on world agricultural systems, agricultural subsidies in developed countries and their negative impact on food production in developing countries, intellectual property and patents on indigenous plants and knowledge, privatization of natural resources and competition for cheap labor. 2003.

[Galbraith, John Kenneth] A Conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith.(Conversations)

Recorded on April 27, 1986 at the University of California, Berkeley. A conversation with John Kenneth Galbraith, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, on his ideas, his writings, liberalism, etc.

[Gates, Bill] Deposition, Bill Gates: Case, U.S.A. v. Microsoft Corp.

Three days of videotape deposition by Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and CEO, in the Microsoft antitrust trial where he answers a wide range of questions from the government attorneys and defends his company's right to improve its products for the benefit of customers in the face of stiff competition in the personal computer industry. Contents: August 27, 1998 (4 tapes, 9 hrs. 14 min.) -- August 28, 1998 (4 tapes, 5 hrs. 56 min.) -- Sept. 28, 1998 (3 tapes, 4 hrs. 48 min.) 1998. TOTAL running time: 19 hrs., 58 min.